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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mollie Dorsey Sanford ~ Random Updates

I used our library's free interloan program to borrow this book from another library.  It's wonderful!  If you liked Letters from a Woman Homesteader, then you most likely will enjoy this book.

It is not full of letters, but journal entries from Mollie Dorsey Sanford, from 1857-1866, while she and her family moved from Indiana to Nebraska and Colorado Territories.

The book includes footnotes regarding important people she meets along the way, events, and famous locations.

I finished another granny square scarf.  I just rotated 3 colors (4 purple, 3 black, 3 cranberry), and attached them with continuous join method.  I'm not working on another scarf, with a different pattern, and not related to granny squares (one that is new to me).

Rain is in the forecast (for 4 days straight), so I have been working hard at getting every bit of dirty laundry washed and out on the line.  I have even washed up rugs, which I left out all night due to space in the house.  Next, will be the bed covers, since those will be much more difficult to dry on the line in winter (the dryer is not replaced or repaired yet).

I found some wonderful deals at the store yesterday - organic milk ($3.29/ea, 3 gallons), organic eggs ($2.39), and 3 packages of organic tarragon ($.79/ea).  The milk is a huge savings.  It's selling for an average of $6.00/gallon and up.  I bought the eggs to boil for after school snacks (farm fresh eggs don't peel so well when boiled), and the tarragon is getting dried in my dehydrator.  I lost my tarragon plants when the storms flooded out my new plants this past season.   

I baked up a crock-pot full of black beans yesterday, and some will be frozen for future recipes.  One cup of them were put aside for a salsa dip I have been wanting to try.

My son passed the military battery test, and is still undecided on which branch to join. I'll update on that when he decides.  My oldest daughter, who joined the National Guard, has already started weekend drills.

The kidney transplant, for Hubby's sister, was scheduled for today, but canceled again.  I think this is the third time.  This time it was a problem with the donor's kidney (which was one of her daughter's).  They could do it, but it was high risk.  They both decided not to do it.  There are possible donors (other family members), but there are always other factors, such as medical leave from work and so forth.  The donor must be able to be off work for 6 weeks.

1 comment:

RB said...

Sending prayers for your SIL's condition and surgery...that God sends a perfect donor and that is an easy procedure for them both.

Regarding your son's military service, as a former Marine, there's no better service for training soldiers to stay alive while serving, and I recommend it fully. Praying for him too as he chooses and steps forward on that venture. It's not easy, but it's worth it.

And hey, what a GREAT idea for making Granny squares into scarves. Many may not have the time nor patience to do a full-blown bed cover, but a scarf turns out to be beautiful too, and far less onerous.

God bless.