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Friday, October 4, 2013

Dream It ~ Embrace It ~ Do It

While sipping hot coffee, in my island coffee mug, I sat and looked through the photos we took from our weekend getaway.  Oh, I miss the gorgeous sunrises, the relaxing sounds of the waves, and the unique place(s) we sat and enjoying time with each other (and nature).  

I'm wondering if I can squeeze another camping trip in this fall.  Hubby is back to working every day with major over time, so we hardly see each other already.  We are having what I call a "voice mail" week.  I leave him a voice mail, he leaves me one.  Sometimes we actually get to talk to each other.  On the phone that is.  Okay, I'm getting a bit off track with this post, but let me get to the point.

This is another photo of the quarry, that Hubby and I hiked around, on the island.  This past getaway with Hubby made me realize that I have accomplished a few things this year.  Many of which (dreams, goals, etc.) I had in my "possibilities" book.  Oh, we had our trials and tribulations this year, but who doesn't? 

Remember this book? 

Look at the photo in the upper right of the page.  Look familiar?  It looks almost exactly like the photo I took at the quarry (2nd photo from top of post).  How ironic is that?  I started this book in 2011.  It's been 2 years now.  If you put it in writing, or in my case photos and writing, it could happen.  We got off the beaten track, and explored, and unplugged.  I got "results."

We've "escaped" and found ways to become "rejuvunated" and learned how to save our "sanity."   

I've worked out a goal for getting in shape, and even bought my first Coldwater Creek skirt (a size smaller too).

I've "conquered" and embraced, and made accomplishments. I've gone camping and explored the world some more.

This weekend, I'll be adding an updated page on buying a camper.

I'll be adding a photo of Hubby and I, with me 25 pounds lighter.

I'll be adding an update on our Farmer's Market sales, and handiwork I have created.

However, there are "possibilities" that I added years ago, that are somewhat no longer a desire for me.  It goes to show you that life changes as we live, and life is so short.  

I'm going to go grab a stack of magazines and crafting supplies, and add a few more "possibilities" to my book. I have used all types of materials to create my book too - embroidery, fabric, scraps of ribbon, dried leaves and flowers, etc.  I think I'll add to other pages too.

What are your life's "possibilities?" 

(last page in my book)

What are your "miraculous results?"


Mama Pea said...

My miraculous results? Finally getting a finished house. (Well, okay, it's not TOTALLY finished. Are they ever?)

Huge, huge congratulations on losing 25 pounds! That's a big hurdle both physically AND emotionally!

Liz said...

What a great idea! And to go back and see if you accomplished what you wanted or like you said things change. Congrats on the weight lose! Hope you get some time with the hubby soon.

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

What a special thing to have a possibilities book...and being able to check so many off the list of possibilities is even better.
I also like that fact that your hubby pays attention and he pointed these out to you. That makes is super special. ;)

Unknown said...

I stumbled on your Blog - and it was just what I needed to "jump start my life.
I lost my Mother recently - and am struggling with --what to do with myself now.
I'm going to start my own possibilities journal and try to move forward w/my life...thank u for the inspiration

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

The best part of the journal is that anything is a possibility, and you don't have to leave anything out due to any reason. Anything you want to happen can go in it. Hugs and God Bless.