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Friday, May 11, 2012

Canning Coffee Jelly, Gardening Updates, and More

 If you think I have found strange and interesting recipes over the years.....we now made coffee jelly.

It's actually pretty good. 
It takes about 2-3 days to set, and the kids have tried it.  This is great for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or for toast/breads. 

If you love coffee, here is the recipe we used:  Ed's Coffee Jelly.

I am on the hunt to see if I can find organic instant coffee.  Is there such a thing? 

Gardening Updates: 

Peas, lettuce and radishes are up.

Purchased a flat of Roma tomatoes (we need a lot more than this), some cauliflower, some kohlrabi, and  flat of annual flowers.  We placed orders for cabbage, and broccoli.

Planted Cumin seeds.

Hopefully this weekend, if we all feel good enough, I hope to get more planted. 

Hubby's Kidney Donation Progress:

Testing continues with one more test this weekend.  The nurses have told my husband he needs to eat pasta at least once.  With me not feeling well, we've not really been "cooking."  Today is the last day he can eat before the next round of tests.  

Thankfully, I have taught one of the kids how to make spaghetti.  

In the meantime, his sister waits patiently for the surgery date.  She's been having difficulties with her dialysis. 

Exercise/Eat Right/Lose Weight Progress:  

I'm down 10 lbs. and hubby is down about 20 lbs.  With us both not feeling good this week, we hope to be back to the gym tomorrow or Sunday.  We are working on cleaning out the garage for working out at home again (speed bag, heavy bag, and weights).  We are trying to eat more raw vegetables.

Birthday Updates:

Yesterday was my birthday.  My son gave me a drawing he did of me holding him way back when he was 2 months old. was a long time ago. Check out my poofed up hair.  Hilarous.  He included a bubble that reads "Mom the 80's are over."  I hope to get this framed next week.

My 10 year-old made my bed, put streamers up in my room, along with balloons.  My 12 year-old went shopping with hubby and bought me a pair of capris and flat slip-on's for quick trips outside and the porch (flip-flops give me a hard time).  I also got a home manicure and my finger nails are sporting a purple and red design.  We skipped the cake and ice cream, but I promised the kids we'd search out a recipe for homemade, hand-cranked ice cream using goat's milk.  Maybe we can make some in a few days.     


GrannyAnnie said...

Homemade ice cream with goat's milk is the best!!! I have a great recipe for homemade ice cream that is made with Jello. I will be posting it as the weather gets warmer.
Love the pic of you. He did an EXCELLENT job! I truly admire anyone that can draw like that... or draw at all for that matter. Glad you had such a great birthday.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY a day late.

MANY BLESSINGS to all involved with the Kidney process. That sounds so scary! May they both be blessed with tip top health and extra long lives.

That is a lot of planting. What will you be doing with that many Roma tomatoes? We have some planted that we hope to make into sauce and ketchup.

That Coffee Jelly looks WONDERFUL! Thank you so much for sharing that with us. I have a friend that that will be the absolute PERFECT gift for for Christmas!


Sam I Am...... said...

Happy Belated birthday! I love the picture...he's a REAL artist! What wonderful birthday gifts!

Sam I Am...... said...

I didn't realize all that info was one post! LOL! I take it your husband is donating a kidney to his sister? What a gift. Bless him.
The coffee jelly looks interesting...I need all the caffeine I can get!LOL!
Congrats on the weight loss too. I have not been feeling too perky this week so haven't walked and my feet were bothering me too. Today was Walmart so my legs are definitely tired out now. I still need to plant but I've been messing with flowers and landscaping..not enough energy or time in the day. Take care and hope you all feel better soon.

Unknown said...

Good thoughts for your family! And Happy Mom's Day, early :)

Candy C. said...

What a GREAT picture! Your son is very talented! Happy belated birthday too! I make ice cream with my goat milk using half goat milk and half heavy cream from the grocery store, turns out great! Hope ya'll are feeling better today!

Nancy Jo said...

Youare busy as ever I see. Didin't know about the transplant, what a wonderful thing for you husband to do.I will be thinking of you all.
Cute picture your son made for you, a real artist I would say. I would frame it too.
Also cute skirt, and funny kitty sitting on top of the cage.
Nancy Jo