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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Monday, May 4, 2015

Happy Goats ~ Blisters and Backaches

Staking the goats has been successful.  I think they look forward to seeing me approach the gate to bring them out now.  They get a belly full of goodness, and we get a gas free mower (and cleared land).

Speaking of land.  Hubby went guns-blazing with the garden expansion yesterday.  He literally wore me out.  I put 11,000 steps on my fitbit in garden work alone (by 3pm).   I had gone to the garden to plant the onions, but they are still not planted.

He even cleared the grass for our first grape arbor.  Here it is  before the plants and poles are added.  I actually put the plants in the ground before we quit for the day.  Poles and wire will go in on another day.  It's not on a hill, I was so tired by then, I just didn't hold my camera straight (ha ha!).

This photo makes this part of the garden look small.  It's too big to get the entire garden in one photo.  This is the next section to get tilled.  We have much work to do yet.
We were plum tuckered out, and I now have blisters on my feet, and we both had sore backs.  The sod we removed, was placed in the wagon and hauled to low areas that flood, and filled in there, so it all worked out, but was heavy and hard work.

Hubby and I have a few trees we need to deal with soon, or mowing will be an issue.  

 Here is another one.  These both came down over winter.  

Our 18 year-old took her dog out to play fetch with a stick.  I had to snap a photo of her.  Sapphire, one of our barn cats, is her favorite, and follows here everywhere.

This morning's sunrise was beautiful.  Too bad I didn't have breakfast ready, I would have enjoyed it on the porch early this morning.

This morning, our 15 year-old said, "Mom?  When you have time could you research something to help my sun allergy?"  

As it turns out, she breaks out in hives on her face, if she spends too much time in the sun.  She was out helping us in the garden, and ended up inside with a cold pack on her face and a dose of Benadryl to stop the allergic reaction.  Does anyone have a salve recommendation?  Many sun screens have bad chemicals, so I guess I do have some research to do.  On a rainy day that is.




Amy Dingmann said...

Not sure about the sun allergy. :(

You all sure are busy! This is a fun time of year. I had to giggle when you said you put 11K steps on your fitbit. We have a pedometor on our phones but when we're doing farm work I generally leave the phone in the house so it doesn't get dropped/broken. Then I will come back in and the phone will notify me that I have been "inactive for an hour, how about taking a walk?" I think they should have a special app for farmy folk like us. ;)

Kristina said...

Amy, I don't take my phone either. I have an older model, so it's harder to put in any pocket, and even if I could, it gets covered in sweat and dirt, ha ha! My fit bit fits in my picket, or on my bra strap. Hubby had me up and out very early today, so I'm in taking a teensy break.

Sandra Morris said...

It is hard work, but those kind of days make me feel so accomplished :)

I haven't started any gardening...need to get to work.

Susan said...

I love that photo of your daughter! That cat is a riot! I tell you, these nice weekend days can wear you to a frazzle. I was almost happy to go to work today. Almost. I wonder if Aloe Vera would help with your daughter's reaction to the sun?

Kristina said...

Sandra, you are right about feeling accomplished. I feel lazy if I don't get a job done.

Kristina said...

Susan, that cat is hilarious. If you sit on the front porch, she'll climb the ledge and give you a back massage. She has sharp claws, so if a person sitting there doesn't have a thick shirt on.....ouch!

Kristina said...

Susan, I forgot to say thanks for the aloe idea. I do have a plant, so I'll have to see if it helps here. She looked awful yesterday. I do have a wide-brimmed hat for her now.

Patricia @ Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

We didn't plant near what you did...but I had to hoe and weed before I could finally get plants out...and I got blisters! OUCH!
I've heard of people having a sun allergy-- I've no idea about how to care for it.

Hope your grapes do well.

Heather Duncan said...

I spent the day in the garden too, well when we were done with the homeschool lessons that is. Love how the barn cat is copying your daughter. LOL

Laurie said...

Loved that sunrise!

EMMA said...

Small - I think your garden looks massive!!!
Would be very interested in hearing about your research - I end up as quite an unsightly red mess if I get sun directly on my face, and I'm not a fan of sunscreen either. For the time being a big hat seems to be a solution for me too - but can't help thinking that some balm of coconut oil and aloe vera could be good....
what you think? (oh just read Susans comment!!)

Kristina said...

Patricia, I had to weed too, before I planted. Every year I think I'll have less, but we don't. It's too big to cover with plastic/tarps all winter too. We should have removed the sod the very first year.

Kristina said...

Heather, that cat is pretty funny.

Kristina said...

Laurie, I do love that photo. Spending time on the porch early is a good way to start my day.

Kristina said...

Emma (and Susan), I did a bit of reading, and I can mix aloe with a drop of lavender oil (cools the skin, and the lavender should stop the itching). Or coconut milk was suggested. I'll have to do more reading. She'll have to get used to wearing a hat too. Her face and neck is the only place that gets red hives.

Hill House said...

Shea butter is a wonderful sunblock and you can add other things to it. I buy mine on Amazon

Kristina said...

Hill House, thank you so much for that tip.