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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday Coffee Hour

The snow is arriving slowly.  I am so glad there is no wind as well.  It will be interesting, at nightfall, to see how much we actually get.  You know how word spreads, right?  The news said 2-5 inches.  I heard up to 8 inches via word of mouth.

Guess who visited us last night?

This guy.  I had to laugh, because he did not move until I tapped the door.  I wanted to see which barn he was actually slumming in, so I could plan where to sit the trap.  Speaking of raccoon, Hubby told me at his last gathering with the guys, one of them brought raccoon.  As in a dish to eat.  I can't remember how the guy made it, but Hubby said it was really good.  Now, in this day in age, where raccoons eat about everything they can scavenge for, would you eat one?  I guess it would depend on where I lived at the time (or where the raccoon was at).  I do have it in my "how to butcher" book too.

This weekend, I'm enjoying my canned applesauce as a snack, along with our popcorn we grew.  Today, I think I print out our garden list and at least highlight what needs to be ordered (in the way of seeds).  I do have a some saved, but some will be new to the garden this spring.

Here is a look-see at the current floor rug I am crocheting.  I'm low on yarns in blues and greens, so I'm getting limited with colors.  We'll see how it looks when it's all finished.  Everyone who has seen my scrap rug is in love with it, so I plan to re-stock (yarn) when I can, and make more. 

Oldest Daughter started back to work on the worst weather day.  Roads are are bad despite lack of wind.  I mentioned "kids" and she retorted, "I'm an adult" to which I responded, "you're my kid and will always be my kid, not matter what age."  Even at whatever age they are, I still worry about safety, health and whatnot.  It's just in a mother's blood I think.

I slept in today, and that is not normal. Stress can really tire you out.  Youngest said she'd make french toast for us this morning, but I haven't see her in the kitchen yet, and it's approaching 10am here now.  I guess we'll have brunch.  Kind of suiting for a day like today anyway.


Mama Pea said...

I've always heard raccoon doesn't taste so good, but like everything it's probably all in how you prepare it. I think I could find other things to try first though. ;o]

Love the way your current rug looks. I was just at a friend's house where she showed me a couple of pairs of socks she had knit from ends and bits of yarns she had left. They were gorgeous!

I sure know what you mean about your kids being your kids no matter their ages. There are times my 43 year old daughter gets frustrated with me when I get worried about her. ("Mom! I'm not a child anymore!")

A brunch of French toast sounds wonderful! Bon appetit!

Nancy po said...

I personally wouldn't eat any kind of scavenger, unless I was starving. They eat rotted foods etc., ick :( Nice snow!

Kristina said...

Nancy po, I am thinking the same as you regarding eating raccoon. I'd have to be starving I think.

Kristina said...

Mama Pea, I bet those socks were gorgeous. Youngest finally got up and prepared brunch. She even mixed in some organic cinnamon with it.

Carolyn said...

Glad you got brunch! And hope you get the masked bugger. Never had raccoon, not sure if I would, but I think I SHOULD one day, just to say that I have and can give an honest review of Roasted Raccoon. The rug looks pretty already!

Patricia @ Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Same here... I worry about my grown kids too. It's only natural.
The racoon... yikes.
Don't know about eating one.
The rug looks pretty... I'm busy using up my scraps too, but haven't thought of making a rug. I usually make mine with old sheets and t-shirts. ;)

Kristina said...

Carolyn, if you ever do roast a raccoon, let me know how it tastes.

Kristina said...

Patricia, I've always used old sheets, t-shirts, jeans and even old aprons, to crochet rugs. This is the first time to make them from cotton yarn scraps.

Sam I Am...... said...

I've never had raccoon and I don't plan on it! LOL!
I love that rug! What stitch, yarn weight and hook are you using?

RB said...

Wonder what the dandelion jam tastes like. Pretty color though. Our sis in Myrtle Beach that keeps bees said their bees made honey out of dandelions one spring, it was very yellow and tasted just grand. Gonna have to try it. I'll put it on my Bucket List. LOL

Love the rug. What kind of stitch is being used.

We use to have coons visit us when we lived closer to the city. I'd go out, stomp my feet and they'd run off, but one big one stared me down and growled at me. I went back in and got my broom to shoo him with; he didn't stick around long after I swished the broom at him. (Sound like an old witch, don't I, swishing my broom. LOL)

As for eating coon, with so many of them carrying rabies, I don't think so, but then in all honesty, most anything with a beating heart in nature could have rabies.

God bless.


Kristina said...

RB, and Sam I am, I used a single crochet stitch. That is the rug up close.