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"Eat it up,
Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Winter and Work are Synonymous

This morning's sunrise was beautiful. The pink stretched for several miles.

The recent 9 inches of snow is about to leave us.  In fact today.  Crazy as it sounds, the rains are due to arrive today.

Winter does not give us a break in physical work here.  My son, the feed and pellet lifter, is working a much unwanted third shift job right now. 

That leaves me to the heavy lifting and hauling.  This week I lifted 360 pounds of wood pellets, 80 pounds of corn, and 100 pounds of animal feed.  

The funniest part (to the onlookers), is me having a war with a grocery cart in a snow filled parking lot, and a wrestling 160 pounds from the door to my car.  I man driving a truck looked at me weird as I had gone to the front of the cart and tried yanking on it that way, to free it from the sludge packed wheels, just a few feet from my car.  We decided to skip buying it by a ton (wood pellets) this year, as the savings was not worth it, but I'm seeing a benefit already - less trips to the store, less hauling, less looking like an idiot wrestling a grocery cart.

The bonus this year, is the store is storing the wood pellets at the front of the store, so I don't have to push it from the back this year.  Do you ever notice how many women look at you with squinted eyes and look into your cart, as you lift and place all those bags in your cart?  Ha.  I just want to grab them by the hair and say "whaddaya lookin' at woman? Never seen wood pellets before?!"  I mean don't you start to feel like the Hulk after all that work?   I know they are just curious, but during a moment of heaving and hauling, I'm not all peaches and cream.

Today I need to restock the wood on the porch.  Oh goodie, more lifting and hauling.  The pile dwindled with all this cold weather recently.  Today, it's actually nice outside (temperature-wise).

As for the corn we bought.  It's wet. They failed to tell me it contained moisture, hence the possible reason for a lower price.  We have the last bag drying out by the stove, in hopes to burn it this season yet.  I haven't had time to speak to them about it, but I am sure I'll be back this week for 200 pounds of animal feed, to avoid so many trips over.

Hubby and I worked our shoulders yesterday at the gym.  Today I am suffering from it.  In a good way I suppose.  All this feed/pellet lifting is another reason to stay in shape. Today we are taking it easy, and sipping hot soothing tea before bedtime.  If I can lift my tea cup by then.

We are continuing to look for a new home for Winston.  Jasper does not like him.  In fact, Jasper is downright mad about him being here.  If Jasper didn't care, Winston would be fine with everyone here.  But....

I emailed the humane society, and explained that this cat is extremely adoptable, and all the details (hoping they could move him up on their list. Yet, they say he would remain on a wait-list for 2 months or longer.  The other option is to contact other agencies and pay for them to take him  (which we have and they are full to capacity).  The other option they suggested is euthanizing him.  At my cost. This stumps me to no end.  He's an absolute, perfectly ready, loveable house cat, and they suggest this?  I looked at the cats on their site (photos of cats with their ears back and not nearly as friendly looking), and they look much less adoptable that Winston.  With their help, Winston could be placed (probably immediately) in a good, warm, home.  Today's system is a miserable mess. 

If I took Alias (our pitbull mix), or our lab mix up, I bet everyone of those cats would not like getting doggie kisses.  Winston lets them give him kisses for pete's sake.  Doggie kisses!

So, we now have an ad in the local paper, and have placed flyers in two more locations.  I hope to send flyers to local vets as well today. 

Say a prayer for Winston, as he is huggable, loveable, litterbox trained, neutered, declawed, and loves to be snuggled.   Meanwhile, Jasper remains in hiding, and if I'm lucky, I'll see one eyeball peaking around a corner here and there.

As for me....I'm keeping faith.  God has His plans, so I try not to make too many plans of my own.  And "worry" is not a part of God's plans.

Matthew 6:25-34 (New International Version)

Do Not Worry

25 “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life . . ."



Mama Pea said...

I'll bet you dollars to donuts that those women giving you funny looks as you load your cart with the heavy bags are really thinking, "Boy, I sure wish I were in as good shape as she is!" There probably isn't one of them who could do it. If there was, she'd come over to help you.

Saying a prayer for Winston.

Kristina said...

Thanks MamaPea. I get such funny looks when I am loading up my pellets. As for Winston, he's in a kennel crying to be let out, but Jasper already had it out with him this morning (Winston was just being curious, but Jasper is mad at him being here). I really want to find him a good home.

Liz said...

Maybe you could take your coat off, flex them a defined bicep, then give um a little wink as you throw the next bag in the cart! lol...
We have had those pink sunrises and sunsets lately. Just beautiful!

Michelle said...

We just went and got pellets today. The lifting is my husbands job since we have all girls. I can't blame your son I always hated third shift.

Kristina said...

Liz, you about made me spit out my coffee laughing at your comment. Ha ha!