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Thursday, October 12, 2023

Lily Sugar n' Cream ~ Peaches and Cream Cotton Yarns


Look the same, but they are not.

Top one says "Made in Canada from 100% USA Cotton
Bottom one says "Made in China from 100% Cotton

We are slowly being deceived.  You may have to biggy-fi some of these photos to read the labels.  I discovered this while in bed recovering from a recent sickness.  I am not only sad, but mad about this.  I have always been so proud to sell a hand knitted dishcloth made with USA grown cotton, even when the yarn was made in Canada. 

I have not bought cotton yarn (in the smaller balls) for 2-3 years, so these were all in my tote stash.  Apparently, over the years, China bought it.  They bought the label, and at one point took off the USA flag, and made the print smaller, only to take over the manufacturing.

It now has labels looking the same, but without the USA flag, so you don't think twice unless you read the label.  It is so sad that America would rather have money than be reliable on USA made, support USA made or create USA made.  It really makes me sick to my stomach, that an American company will sell out to China, giving them more power over our country.  I won't be making dishcloths, unless I can locate more older balls of USA cotton yarn.

The one on the left - made in China, thinner, longer, same weight.  The one on the right, USA grown cotton, made in Canada, thicker cotton yarn.  Note:  both labels still say the same Canadian address, but the one on the left says "Made in China."

The newly produced cotton yarn from China is thinner, and does not even feel like it's cotton.  It almost feels like it has stretch to it.  I have one ball of Peaches and Cream that says it was made in China, and it was wound back up.  I am not sure what I will do with it, but I am mad that I was duped to thinking I was buying the same USA grown cotton yarn I had been buying for years.  Same label, same look, but if you look closer, the yarn is not the same.  The cotton is not the same.  

If you have any extra balls of either of these brands, that were still being made in with USA grown cotton, you are lucky.  They made a much nicer product.  

By the way, I tried googling when China bought these yarn manufacturers, and could not find anything on the internet, but a few articles from 2011 when they stopped making yarn in the USA and sold to Canada. 

Just sharing for those who knit/crochet.  Okay, off my soapbox, but had to share in case you care and didn't see these labels.


Leigh said...

Good catch. I don't know if I should be disgusted or if just plain sad will do. I like to use these yarns for weaving. They make great mug rugs, bath mats, and tote bags.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Leigh, yeah, it's a bit disturbing. I like this yarn for dishcloths, and like you said tote bags and such. Cup coasters, mug rugs, mug hugs, and I use it for washcloths.

Faith said...

It is disturbing. I just purchased yarn from Hobby Lobby, and when I read the label, China. I really don't care to fund China with my purchase,and will be from this point, searching out yarn which is not made there, and try not to purchase at dollar stores etc, walmart et all, all China. We are making them rich. We grow cotton here, and yarn can be made here.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Faith, I ordered yarn from another source once, and it said "imported" and that was it. When it arrived, the label said "made in China" and I won't order online if it simply says imported any more.