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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Friday, June 2, 2023

. . . from the handiwork journal


. . .remember the scarf I finally finished?  Well....

. . .I had more yarn in the same color, so I started a hat to match.

I did ten more rows and realized I was reading the pattern wrong.  I was reading the part about the "3rd loop" incorrectly, and had to frog the 10 rows.
It now looks like this.   It's my "kitchen" crochet project, when I'm roasting something that needs turned every 15 minutes, and I shouldn't leave the kitchen.

Update after drafting this post:  It's done, but it feels a bit larger than it should be.  Not snug enough.  I used this pattern from 5 Little Monsters, and it says "I" hook.  I will make it again, but with an H hook to see if it fits a bit more snug.  I used a worsted weight yarn too.

By the way, if you make this hat, she has a full video tutorial on how to do this hat.  There is a stitch I was so confused about, so I had to hence frog it.  Video is HERE.

More updates!  Ha!  Guess what got crocheted?

My husband put in dibs for this one.

I used up more yarn in my stash!  These whip up pretty quickly!  I had the yarn, and the pom's, so I'm feeling pretty resourceful with my ridiculous amount of crochet time here lately.  These match scarves I crocheted over winter too.  I think I have a few skeins left, and then the remaining leftover yarn will be put into lap afghans to donate.

Mom was always my inspiration to make new items to sell.  She encouraged me to make some mask strap thingy's (can't explain other than it made it more comfortable for her, which required buttons).

I thought of her when I found my buttons in my stash.  I will put them to use with these hats, or any hat with a faux pom on it.  The pom has an elastic band that goes around the button, so it can be taken off to wash the hat.  I

   These Bernat Stripes I have in my stash made great hats with this pattern, and I used an "H" hook this time, and got a more snug fit, so H it is for this yarn.

. . .I found this free pattern on a yarn label, that came from yarn I am using on the blanket project.  It's a shawl pattern.  I am making it for a gift.  I'm not sure I like it just yet.  We'll see.  It may be a "porch" project, since the light outside is better for crocheting black yarn.

. . .the blanket is still progressing.  Old photo.  It's been tabled again due to hot weather however.

. . .these are new to me as well!  Lucky Penny! I made one and it turned out so cute.  I'm making one for a wedding.  They suggest the bride to be can pin it inside her dress, or to her flower bouquet.  I just made a yellow one, because that is the color of thread I had downstairs (ha ha!).  They would make cute keychains, and even cute random acts of kindness. 

 Anyway, another new crochet project in the books!  Now to find the poem to gift with it for a wedding.  Does anyone know the poem by chance?  I'll have to google that, and see if I can find it.  

If you are interested in this pattern, I actually found it via a video  -  HERE.  I'm not affiliated with any of these patterns.  I am just sharing them in case anyone is interested in them.


Faith said...

ugh, no yarn projects, to Hot. Yours did turn out nice and hats are a simple project and are not heavy. The penny is cute. I love working with thread.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Faith, yes it's hot out, hence the hats lol! I have not been out other than to water stuff and check asparagus.

chipmunk said...

The poem goes "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a sixpence (penny) in your shoe." This is a really cute little crochet piece... I might make up several for good luck pennies for the grand kids' teachers this Fall.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

thanks you chipmunk, they are so cute right? It only takes a small bit of cotton #10 thread to make them.