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Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Taking back the house continues and other ramblings....


Woke up to fog.  The weather today is high of 51°F.  No rain until tomorrow, so the chicken coop just might get cleaned today.  As you can see in the upper part of the photo, the Christmas lights are still up (but off).  I may just get those down and put away as the weather is nicer.

The living room floor has been cleared of boxes, styrofoam, window screens, and whatnot.  The breakfast bar has finally been moved from kitchen to living room, and the new plant stands have been put together for Mom's plants.  It's early, so hence the dark photo, but will try and get a day time photo for you.

The stands hold all but Mom's cactus.  It is blooming again.  I need to figure out a place for that.  I also need to re-pot it.  The cactus is still in the container that it came in (how it was at Mom's house).  I will need to contact a friend to make sure I get the correct soil, and I will need a new pot for it.

We have no end tables or lamps just yet.  The kids broke the last lamps we had (most likely the help of their dogs).  It's on the to-do list.  

I still have to clear up my yarn stash in my bedroom, now that the living room is done (and I can access the upstairs).  I need to find the last tie back for the curtains.  I didn't feel like doing it yesterday, so it's back on the weekly to-do list.

I also pulled the new wall decor from the closet to the living room.  We have not decided on where to hang the decor.  We may put up a shelf to match the white wash theme, but we have not found a board for our white wash barnwood shelf brackets just yet.

I have pulled several boxes of "office" stuff that was shoved into the office from the computer area (kitchen) when the kitchen floor was done first.  Lets just say, I have a lot of boxes to go thru and purge, re-organize and put back where it needs to be (or find it a new home).

I still need a file folder for the computer desk area in the kitchen.  I better write that down before I forget.  The last one I tried to order from Amazon, had to be returned due to damage.

Our paper shredder died on us, so I have asked my husband to get us a burn barrel.  We'll see if he remembers. 

Most importantly, today I will be getting out my garden planner and getting a plan in place.  Possibly some new chicken coop plans as well.


Jackie said...

We have had fog here in my small corner of the Canadian prairies for the last 5 days. So dreary.

Love the colour of the cactus. I really have no luck with those.

God bless.

Leigh said...

Are you feeling better? Sounds like you have a big job ahead of you, but I know you must be thrilled to have the remodeling done at last. Good time for a clean and purge!

Kristina said...

Jackie, that is the weird thing. I have never had good luck with indoor plants, not even bringing in my rosemary over winter. So far, I am doing great with the plants from Mom's house.

Kristina said...

Leigh, I am still dealing with swollen lymph nodes and sore throat, and fatigue. I am better each day, but want my house in order so badly, so it's a mental and physical struggle, lol. I tell myself that if I put one thing away, or back in place, it's progress. I am sipping hot ginger tea with lemons for my throat, and getting better each day.

Cindy said...

we are wanting to get chickens and a coop for our backyard this spring. we plan to have 6-8 hens. We live inside city limits, so we are limited. But still, excited1

Kristina said...

Cindy that is awesome. My hometown voted no to chickens in the city limits, which has upset many people.