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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Putting it in Perspective ~ Crocheting a Blanket ~ Mini Heart Update ~ Question

I don't usually keep track of hours spent crocheting a blanket, but I did over the weekend.  I wanted to humor myself I guess, or find out the torture I'm enduring for this blanket.

I timed myself at making one color row in this blanket, which consists of 4 rows single crochet, 2 rows of double, and this pattern requires counting, skipping chains etc.  I takes 1 hour and 37 minutes to make each color section.

I measured the width, which is also something I haven't done on a blanket (never took any orders before).

It measures 53 1/2 inches  wide, and I am using worsted weight yarn with an "H" crochet hook.  It's not thick yarn, so it takes longer to make a blanket.

I counted the sections of color so far, and have 18 sections  - 29.1 hours of labor so far.  I have about 6-7 maybe 8 sections of rotating color to go.

It was a bit of a challenge, but I got the post up on my S.C.R.A.P. blogspot, in regards to crocheting the mini hearts to glue on jumbo paper clips.

Also, as I was creating a new mini heart for the post, I realized they would make cute earrings.

The embellished paper clip instructions are finally posted  HERE.

Thanks for the challenge.  I first made the heart embellished paper clips in 2015.  It was a chore to not only find the ones I made to sell (which I never did, we'll talk about that another day), find the hook I used and how I made them.  Whew!  Anyway, enjoy making them!


If you were to find a crocheted random act of kindness item, left purposely somewhere in your path, would you prefer something useful, or would you enjoy a worry worm/pocket hug etc.?

I'm asking, because I feel people would be more surprised if it was useful, like a cup coaster, or the embellished paperclips I make, or a keychain?  Just looking for more ideas using up scrap yarn this summer. 

Items are placed in a bag or other protective clear packaging, with a note or rhyme etc.  Something in the realm of cheering someone up, and putting a smile on their face.  An unexpected surprise.  If you google images for "random acts of kindness" you can basically see all of what people make right now.

What I have on my list for ideas so far:

-embellished paper clips
-cup coasters or mug rugs
-fridge magnet (?)
-Christmas ornaments during the holidays


Carol said...

Any of those items would be nice to find somewhere. I love your random acts of kindness as I am thinking of doing the same basic concept.

Debi said...

I think if I could choose it would be something useful, but anything that is a surprise left to initiate a smile and feeling of good will would be most welcome! During the pandemic I sent quilted mug rugs with matching crocheted mug warmers to my niece to share with the nurses she worked with. They loved them.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thank you Carol

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Debi, thanks. Great idea too!