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Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Friday, May 13, 2022

Hooky ~ Shortages/Businesses Closed and othe ramblings


We've been having beautiful weather lately.  My garden starts are loving it too.  I'm just starting to get worried about getting the tilling and planting done.

I played hooky and went to the "big city" and had lunch with my bestie from high school.  It was nice for a change, because I have been so busy in the kitchen lately.

I'm seeing more businesses closed, and I'm seeing more shortages of different items as well.   I may need to make my own ricotta.  The last few times I needed some, I had a terrible time finding it.  I filled up the truck yesterday - $4.30/gallon.  Toilet paper we typically by on sale for $7.99 was on sale for $13.99.

I tried a new recipe - Lasagna stuffed chicken.
Organic chicken is very expensive as well, but my husband loved it.  Recipe is online with The Stay at Home Chef.


Mother Em said...

Good for you in playing hooky; well deserved. Gas here is $3.89 or a little lower at the moment. Some of Kroger shelves are getting a little light - maybe stockers at this one store are a little lax. Have a great weekend.

Sharon Kwilter said...

$5+/gallon here in Oregon.

Kristina said...

Thanks Mother Em and Sharon, we are being warned gas will go up to $4.69 and diesel will be higher than $5.00.