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Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Thursday, November 25, 2021

A Get-R-Done Day and other chit chat

Wednesday was a day to take back my home.   Well, it was a good start anyway. The morning sunrise was so beautiful, before the sun came out.

Keeping order to the house is tough when you live with an adult kids who (sorry gonna say it) is a slob.  Nicer words to describe her ....horrible housekeeping skills.  

I'm going to have to be a daily enforcer of house rules if she wants to continue living here.  I can't stand messes, junk laying around, and whatnot.

I put 3,000 steps on my fitbit by 10am.  I moved every tote I had downstairs to the upstairs, vacuumed sealed one camper pillow (need more bags for the rest), put away our travel bag, tossed some things out, started a box for donation, and put together two full boxes of stuff to take to Daughter E.  She's having a birthday party next month and I had a ton of stuff leftover from the graduation party we didn't have.  It's save her some money, and free up my space.  I totally forgot I had the stuff, because it was in a tote that was not clear.

I have more to clean in my walk-in closet, re-organize what crafting supplies are still in there, and move the rest upstairs to start purging clothing.

All of my craft show items are all put in storage for another year.  I will need to get more shelving units for upstairs though.  

We had plans to fetch some free firewood from Daughter T, but woke up to rain....sigh.  I guess we'll get it in the rain.  Last night Daughter K called from work.  Her brake line broke.  Today we go fetch her car, and well that can't be worked on today due to rain.  

My brother who is hosting our Thanksgiving this weekend, has a sick daughter.  A gathering may be debatable now.  My good friend from high school?  Who has a family with covid, now has more friends with covid.

My husband picked up ground beef for our tacos today (even though I have some in the freezer).  I guess he wanted fresh meat vs. waiting on it to thaw.  Anyway, he said he couldn't buy our normal organic beef.  It went from $6.99 to $10.99 within the last two weeks.  He's now on board with raising beef and pork.  I mean, how will we all survive over the next two years with these prices?  He is even considering dairy goats again.

Also, Daughter K was alarmed at the lack of canned cat food at the grocery store the other day.  She said it was almost completely empty.

Update on Mom.  Surgery went well.  They got all the cancer.  However, they could not stitch her up due to the swelling in her leg.  The healing process may be much longer than expected.


Hummingbird said...

Years ago I too was frustrated with my family members leaving things lying around. My solution was to gather everything left lying around and put it in a box each day. In order to get it back they had to pay me. Make sure it stings a bit. My kids were little so I charged a dollar an item, I would go $5 an item for your adult daughter. When she is paying you every day for her purse, car keys, winter coat, shoes, phone etc. she will learn quickly not to leave her things in the family portion of the home. As for dishes in the sink? Wash only what you and your husband dirty and leave hers. She can do her dishes while you and your husband eat, then she gets hers. It's not cruel, you are not her servant.

Kristina said...

Hummingbird, that is a great idea. Thank you!