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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Thursday, October 28, 2021

Random Tidbits

It's been a busy few days for sure.  I took advantage of the weather and washed bedding and quilts and dried them outside on the line (smelled so good after bringing it in).

I pulled the bedding from the camper and got that on the line too.  My wonderful husband dismantled the dishwasher (cleaned it too) and fixed it.

Our trash pick up left me a "nasty gram" on the handle the other day.  Literally our mail system is a total mess right now.  I typically remember to pay regardless of a bill, but I did not get one this month.  At all.  They left me a nasty note with a late fee stating they will not dump our trash until it's paid.  Keep in mind the bill with the late fee was $24.00.  It was not like I didn't get a bill for two months.

I called and explained.  They are taking the late fee off, but I'm switching any bills I can to paperless for now.  I'm also using my planner religiously, marking due dates for utilities etc. so I don't get slammed with late fees for not getting my mail in time.

I finally got an email from my Aunt M.  She said it took 2 weeks to get my letter I wrote her.  We live an hour apart.

Something probably boring to you, but I signed onto our insurance points program the other day.  In order to keep our insurance at the current price, my husband and myself are required to earn 1,000 points.  The programs range from boring online classes (health related, financial related etc) to tracking steps with a fitbit.  

Well, my fitbit disconnected and I could not re-connect it to the program.  My device is so old they don't even make it anymore.  I sent a request via live chat (which takes more than a day) to get a new one.  I am still working on that, but it took much of my precious time.

Update on my last grocery shopping.  I could not find most of what I had on the list, but froze some fresh spinach, and froze some squash.  I have more produce to freeze today.  I can tell you the section in the store that had anything tomato canned, was almost bare.  Same with the canned beans (like garbanzo, great northern).  I'll be stocking up with dry beans from now on.  The bread section was fully stocked, although that was not on my list.  I typically bake that myself.  I could not find cauliflower, and bacon was almost $7.00 (I have another resource to check for that later).

The dairy section was fully stocked, but cream cheese was very limited.

Sadly, another bad news text I received yesterday.  The stepdad to one of our niece's passed away from covid.  He was only 49 years old.  I was asked to make a dessert for the celebration of life.

Just found out this morning a good friend of ours lost his brother as well.  Lord, help us all!


Lisa B said...

I wonder why things are so scarce for you but not so for the east coast? We do not have shotages of any kind right now . I know Covid moved in waves from both coasts towards middle America and am wondering if grocery supplies are the same wave? A daughter on the west coast has no shortages either? Just my thoughts and we know what they are worth ;/. Hopefully thibgs turn around for yall sooner than later.

Rain said...

Oh dear, covid is taking away too many lives. I'm sorry Kristina. ♥

Kristina said...

Lisa B, I don't know why either. However the governor of FL stated all of their ports are open and to send the ships. I'm guessing some of it has to do with people out sick and staffing issues at meat plants, factories etc. I know for a while there was a shortage of drivers. I'm told there is a shortage of aluminum for canned goods, but not sure if that is really true or not.

Kristina said...

Thank you Rain

Granny Sue said...

Jumping over for a visit from Mama Pea's blog. I am so sorry to read of the losses to Covid. We've also lost some friends this week, and other friends have lost family members.

No particular shortages here in West Virginia that I've noticed, but I don't get to the store much since we are so completely stocked up after a fantastic garden year. Lots of work for sure but worth it now.

Those little hassles can really bring a person down. I hope you have a better day tomorrow, and that all those you love stay healthy.

Kristina said...

Thank you for stopping in Granny Sue. My daughter works at a store that sells lots of items, including furniture, and they were told they cannot order from manufacturers right now. They can only sell what they have in stock.