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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Birthday ~ Dad's Place and other ramblings

Our youngest daughter turned 19 today.  

Sad news. My cousin's husband with covid passed away.

I went to my Dad's place to help siblings clean it out.  Oh my, so many memories.  My 21 year-old was with me and later after we got home realized she had found his dog whistle.  He used to put dog biscuits in the cuff of his pants when he would take walks or visit us with our furry friends, and often took the dog whistle with him.

He had a sleeping bag we used as kids, but looks like it's in great shape.  I brought it home to wash and laughed at the tag...

It says "Drip dry only over two clothes lines." You'd never see a tag like that in our time right now.  Lucky for the sleeping bag, I do have a clothes line (two).

When ever I have a day at his place, I spent the evening bawling my eyes out.  There is one special letter I brought home in my box of items.  A letter that Youngest had written to her Grandpa.  She read it to us and we got some laughs.  I hope to scan it so I can share it here soon.  A very special letter to have.

We have a beautiful sky this morning for such a special day.

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Cockeyed Jo said...

Welcome to the year of firsts without him. It will continue to bring tears or at least a sense of loss. HUUGGGSSS!