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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Knitting Socks Questions ~ It's a 2 post day today!

I'm looking for a knitted sock pattern online for beginners.  Do you of you recommend one?  There are so many online, and what needles will I need?  I have yarn.  I do not have any sock yarn knitting books.  Guess it may be time to order one.

I have this yarn.  Is it enough for size 11 socks?  Each ball has 247 yards.  I have no idea what size these knitting needles are nor the circular one.  I have a feeling they are too big anyway.  Why do they not label them?  I'll need to order whatever needles I need too. 

Thanks a bunch!

Update: Oh printer is now out of ink.  Sigh...ordering ink now if I can just in case one of you have an online pattern for me.

Another update:  I found the size 6 double pointed in my knitting stash.  Woohoo.  Do I still need a circular?  and is that the right size?


Sue O said...

The very best pattern I have found for a beginner sock knitter is from Susan B Anderson on Ravelry and it is FREE! She explains everything very well.

Kristina said...

Thank you Sue!

Unknown said...

I use 2mm needles and Winwick Mum’s instructions. She has a book called Super Socks which gives instructions for dps, magic loop and 12 inch circular needles for making socks. All her instructions are in her blog. I purchased the book from Amazon. I refer that 9 inch circular over the 12inch. Hope this helps. Diane

Kristina said...

Thanks Unknown, I will look for her blog too.

Winwick Mum said...

My beginner Sockalong tutorials and the pattern to go along with it are all free on my blog (click the purple "Join the Sockalong" picture to find them all) and they talk you through needles and yarn right through to seam-free toes. My tutorials are written for double pointed needles, a long circular (magic loop) and a short circular needle so you can choose which method suits you best, and there are videos on my YouTube channel (different patterns but based on the same basic sock) to help to. The book "Super Socks" is the paperback version of the tutorials as some people can't or don't want to be online all the time, but whichever you choose, my main focus is to help you get a pair of socks on your feet :)

Kristina said...

Thank you Winwick Mum!