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Friday, November 9, 2018

Snow ~ Dinner Rolls Trial #2 ~ Sorghum Butter

Oh my.  Yesterday I had so much to do, a lot going on (windshield guy showed up and Jalopy Joe is back in action almost), and by noon I realized I had not made the teriyaki sauce.  Whoops.  I had laundry, carpets to clean, move furniture, spot clean carpets, dust, wipe woodwork, wash a few blankets, was my dirty rags, take a dog out (in, then out, in, then out...), dishes to wash, dry and put away, dinner prep and so forth.  I even got a a teeny tiny, itsy bitsy start at handmade Christmas gifts.

I had to wait for my daughter to get home, to help move an antique desk into the living room.  It belonged to Hubby's Mom.

We woke up to our first snow this morning.  At a chilly 33°F too.  Blowing and cold.  Old man Jesse couldn't hold his ol' bladder, so he woke us up at precisely 5:05am, which makes me wonder if his Mom will be able to do the same for him when she gets her new living arrangements come next summer.

I made these rolls once before, but wanted to make them again, using 2 baking dishes for feeding the large crowd on Thanksgiving day.  Successfully, I baked 40 rolls with this recipe, at 20 per baking sheet.  Delicious too.  The recipe is an overnight one (which is what I love about this recipe), and you can find it at Rebecca Knox's blog - Refrigerator Rolls. By the way, these are amazing the day after they are baked as well. 

I also made sorghum butter to try on these rolls (and later on cornbread).  By the way, it was delicious.

To make sorghum butter - 1 part syrup, 2 parts unsalted, softened butter.  Mix and enjoy!  


Rebecca Knox said...

We got our first snow this morning, too, and are supposed to have record low temperatures tonight. Your rolls turned out beautifully and the sorghum butter sounds fascinating! Thanks for sharing a link back to my blog. What a surprise! Blessings and stay warm tonight! <3

mamasmercantile said...

Those dinner rolls look delicious, I must admit I do cheat and use a bread making machine. Snow seems a little early or is that normal for your area?

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Rebecca, thank you for the recipe. We love them.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

mamasmercantile, we've had snow in October here a few times, but it just melted away. I do believe old man winter is here for good this time. It'll be in the low 20's for us for a while.

Sam I Am...... said...

The rolls look good although for some reason our family has never been big on them. I take it you are having company for Thanksgiving?

Unknown said...

Yes, Sam I Am, we are hosting it for Hubby's side of the family.