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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Random Tidbits

We've been a swamp in our parts of the "woods" this week, and there is another onslaught of rain to come.  I am hoping for a dry day today, but it'll be very limited outdoor work for sure.

We had planned a big May birthday bash - cookout and overnight camp out for this weekend.  Campers, tents and all.  Sadly, the rain forced us to cancel.  We hope to reschedule soon.

I've been doing small gardening jobs in the rain - pick asparagus, and cut the flower heads off the rhubarb.  

Yesterday morning we had a short, but shift storm.  It knocked a huge limb off of a tree, which landed on my clothes line.  Thankfully, it missed our swing, and didn't damage the clothesline. The limb goes all the way behind the swing and is pretty large.  You can also see the grass has been cut to the upper right but not behind the patio.  It's hit or miss with mowing right now.

Last night Hubby and I were watching our movie, and I saw something huge run past the back patio.  It was our nuisance neighbor's dog.  A German Shepherd. It's friendly, but he'll damage my garden, make our dogs run after it, and we live on a country highway.  Hubby said he'll go talk to him, because as it was running around our property, staring at us through the windows, we watched our neighbor pull into his own driveway - a closed vehicle.  So what it planned to annoy us?  We'll find out soon enough.  I'll be checking the garden today too (for foot prints and damage to the newly planted seeds).  Keep in mind we are out in between crop fields so this is not a "normal" thing.

As for the big "move out" the kids are going to look at an apartment this coming weekend.  If this does happen, this means well only have one cat here - they'd be taking their dogs.  All three of them, and a cat.  It will be so strange, and we are already discussing what dog we'd get if they do move out.

We hope it works out, but our 18 year old had car issues last night and she's a bit leary on moving out so soon.  

She called just as I expected Hubby to be home, and said she had a full tank of gas prior to leaving the "big city" and it was on empty and she may not make it home.

I watched her car stop half way up the field north of our property and called Hubby.  Thankfully a young man stopped also, and he pushed her car all the way to our driveway, with Hubby following in my car with hazard lights on. I ran in and put shoes on (was in my slippers, ha ha!) and helped push the car.

It was another gas leak and daughter was, what I call, freaking out.  Crying, carrying on.  Hubby fixed it, but she then lost her car keys.  After searching for hours, she found them in the hood of her coat hanging on a chair.  Crisis averted.  Car fixed.  Whew.

Last night I made a big batch of chicken teriyaki with homemade teriyaki sauce.  We are now completely out of yellow squash in the freezer, with one bag of snap peas.  I'm still graced with garden garlic too.

As for the garden, I took a peek at it yesterday - radishes are up.  The peas, once again, didn't all come up.  I'm switching companies or the type of shell peas next spring.  Either they don't like my soil, or it's the heirloom seed that doesn't do well here.


mamasmercantile said...

Such a shame about your daughters car, at least she got home safely it could have been a lot worse. Hope you manage to get your campout soon, finally the weather is starting to pick up here.

Kristina said...

mamasmercantile, I think we'll finally get a few dry days now. Whew!