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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Down she goes ~ Dogs ~ Family

Sometime during my illness, a swift wind or storm came through our area.  More of the "big barn" came tumbling down, including a large beam.  Just sharing today's biggest news discovery, ha ha!  We still plan to get inside the other half and cut beams into firewood.  We haven't found anyone to tear it down that has not wanted a hefty fee, so it's our life-long project.

Here is one of my very few photos from Christmas day.  My oldest "Army" daughter brought her dog Mia (not in the photo), and her fostered dog Letty (the German Shepherd).  You can see King and her got along very well.  In fact, Letty favored our "vet tech" daughter from the get-go.  She gave Letty a toy and they instantly bonded.  Letty kept getting up and curling up with her.  She never once barked, growled or showed any aggression whatsoever.  She loves toys and loved to get attention.  She is a pretty good dog.  I joked I'd trade our "pups" with her for a day to get some more behavioral training, and oldest said no way, ha ha!  I'd take Letty in a heart beat.  I just can't take any more dogs (or animals for that matter).  Unless I won the lottery.

If you didn't hear the entire story, our oldest daughter saw this dog in a "kill" shelter. Someone saw her running loose, and they picked her up.  Daughter rescued her, and is fostering her to find the right family to adopt her.  However, each family that said they'd take her, has failed to show up when they said they would.  I have a feeling, daughter just got herself another dog, ha ha!  Letty really is a good dog.  I just wish I could take her.  

Firewood.  If I haven't shared this yet, I need to.  While I was in the hospital, and Hubby was racing from work to hospital to home, he became very very tired.  He took off so many days without pay, stressing himself even more, after being at the hospital and not getting answers and seeing me go days without food and water.......

His family, however, somehow knew we needed help.  I am Hubby's only firewood, splitter, stacker, helper.  The girls are either busy or too young yet.  Without me, he can't chainsaw trees (it's our safety rule, no one by themselves).  Although he said he would, he did not cut wood by himself.  The awesome news, is that his family - a group of 5 guys and boys, all showed up on their own.  

Hubby came home to check on the wood stove, make sure groceries were in supply, and to check on barn animals.  He was stressed beyond belief and sleep deprived.  When he pulled in, he found those 5 men and boys cutting wood, loading it to a truck, and others in our "wood barn" running the splitter and stacking it.  This entire moment still brings tears to my eyes, from their enormous generosity.  They even stacked wood on the porch and brought some inside.  I have yet to see them all in person to thank them, and I know I'll break down in tears.  They did the most awesome thing they could for us.


Granny_J said...

That is an awesome thing for the family to do. I'm sure in the past you and your husband have both done things for others in the family without being asked. I hope you're feeling much better and have a happy, healthy new year.

Vicki said...

There are still good people in this world, in spite of the horrible headlines. Reminds me of a time when the neighbors would get together to help out when one of their own was ill. I understand your feelings of gratitude, for I have had the same when my adult children have ridden in on their white chargers to save the day when I needed it the most.

Mama Pea said...

Because you are the core of your family, the stay-at-home one who is the glue that binds everything together, I was wondering how your dear hard-working husband was going to manage everything while you were down and out. Bless his family for coming together and doing all that much-needed wood work. That's what families (and good friends) are about. :o]

I wish you could give that beautiful German Shepherd dog a forever home, too!

Liz said...

So sorry to read how sick you were! (I have been away from blogging for awhile) But very happy that you are on the mend! What a wonderful thing your hubbys family did for you. May you continue to get stronger everyday!
Happy New Years!

RB said...

That's something about the wind taking down what you've wanted down anyway. And what a wonderful blessing to have relatives pitch in and help with the firewood. God bless them mightily.
God in His wisdom knows just what we NEED.
Prayers everyone has a safe evening, and that 2017 is our best year yet.
God bless.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

thanks granny J, we do try and help those in need when ever we can, and we are ever so greatful for the help

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Vicki, we hope as parents, that we've taught our own kids to do the same. With today's electronics, I see a trend of laziness even with my kids, but still hope for the best.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mama Pea, the one kiddo that sort of took over my role at the "glue" was our 17-year-old. She has been so tired from the work she's been doing - driving for errands, driving her sister around, taking care of my hens, the dogs, dishes, meals, restocking wood etc. My 20 year-old has been working a lot. It's my youngest that I worry about. She seems to not want to help out and it's frustrating. Hubby was so tired and worn out from trying to take care of me in the hospital (you always need a voice for yourself in the hospital no matter what in my opinion), and I am so thankful he stuck by my side. He never paid the bills, I did, and that was so frustrating for him. I did many online, and he had no idea what to do. We'll be sharing that job, so we always know what to do in an emergency.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thank you so much Liz!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thank you RB, same to you! And many more blessings!

Sam I Am...... said...

That almost made me cry! That is the way we should all treat each other. So happy for you! Happy New Year!