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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Before and Progress

I was whining to Hubby that I didn't have a good photo nor post to share, and it felt off for me.  I'm so used to writing, posting, and sharing, I am feeling the need to go outside to explore already.


Here is a photo of me in the hospital at my worst I think.  Or close to it (after 3 ER visits and the ambulance ride).

This was at the beginning of my long hospital stay....notice the NG tube in.  Yes, the most frustrating part of waiting for the inflammation to settle so I could eat and get the heck out of there.  At my doctor's appt. I found out that the strongest medication that I eventually refused to take (felt like I was dying and that it was burning me from the inside out), costs $300.00/a dose orally.  I remember taking about 2-3 doses before I couldn't take it anymore. Keep in mind, that every single test they did for any intestinal bacteria came back negative.  Every single one.  Including the very first one in the last ER visit

Here I am on my first day out of the house on our wedding anniversary (lunch 12-26-16).  You can see that I have lost quite a bit of weight and I do feel somewhat like a skeleton.  My wonderful "nail tech in training" daughter gave me a pedicure that has stayed on due to not "working" much yet.  I was tickled pink to put make up on and jewelry too.  Not to mention wear a long sweater I haven't worn for an entire year.  I badly need a hair cut, but that can wait.

I have not taken a walk to the barn (today there is a layer of ice everywhere).  I'm reading an actual book.  A book I bought a year ago at a re-sale book storeI'm crocheting again too.  I am sort of glad a family member messaged me and asked of I would crochet a gift for a friend.  I have about a month, so I agreed on a timely one.  It will keep me busy and rested at the same time, and still give me time to work a bit around the house.  Mostly picking up a few odds and ends, folding laundry, washing laundry, and small stuff.  I have not started writing again, other than my blog, but that day will come soon.  My hands are not shaking as much, and my walk a bit more stable (nothing like walking again after a month in bed).

I have one homemade concoction still "brewing" in my closet, that should have been poured into bottles at thanksgiving.  I'm hoping it's still okay.  I have to sterilize bottles today. 

Remember our overload of eggs?  Our 4-5 dozen quickly dwindled down to 1-2 dozen already.  Hubby has been making us cheese omelets and sometimes with potatoes.  We boiled a few dozen and used some for baking.  So thankful for the hens and their glorious gift to us.  I need the protein too. 

I am thankful for:

~the abundance of eggs
~Hubby making my breakfast every morning
~the kids for finally getting some order to my kitchen
~for getting better every morning I get up 
~for the abundance of canned applesauce to enjoy
~for the freezer full of pre-chopped green peppers and all the other foods we need
~for having yarn on hand for the project I've been asked to crochet
~for books
~for friends and bloggers to keep my spirits up
~for God's Mercy, Protection and Love  

P.S. on my wish list - crochet hooks that have lights on the ends (for when I'm crocheting in a dark, cloudy house in winter with dark yarn).  Who knew they made these things?  Crazy, but looks like something I could use over winter. We all know summer is 99% garden (and I'm looking forward to it , in a crazy way).  I really miss the goat milk.  Shh. Don't tell Hubby. He'll freak out.  He's not ready, but one year soon, not this coming, I'll be ready.       


Kim said...

So happy you are on the mend. And you look fabulous on your anniverary. You have lovely long fingers and the manicure really sets them off. Rest and continue to heal and enjoy all of gods blessing, that why he gave them to us.

Sam I Am...... said...

Holy Cow! You did lose weight but you still look great in that picture but it didn't look like you...I thought it was your daughter. A heck of a way to lose weight though. I still do not understand what happened to land you in the hospital and also if you didn't want to be there....they can't force you. Someone called that ambulance so be grateful that they were there to help you when you needed it. They're not gods but if you don't believe in doctors then don't go. I personally stay away from them as much as possible but they have their use. I think you just have to be discriminating about who, when and where. Not all doctors or nurses or hospitals are bad and you must have been in pretty bad shape to have to call an ambulance and there you are out with your be grateful. There's no blame but maybe a wake-up call for something? Maybe you were overdoing things, not getting your rest, not getting something you needed? Anyway, I'm just happy you are home and could be worse as a friend of mine always used to say.

Mama Pea said...

I was wondering how much weight you lost during this terrible ordeal you've been through. You do, indeed, look much, much thinner than the last picture you posted. (Was that biker/milk maid girl?) So glad to hear you're improving each day. But another warning to TAKE IT EASY so you don't over-tax your weakened system(s). Okay? Otherwise, some of us may have to come sit on you to keep you down!

Yarrow said...

Love and hugs to you for your returning health. Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby and I wish you all the best for the New Year.x

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Kim, thank you so much. I didn't have a way to trim my nails in the hospital, and my daughter fell in love with them when I got home. Every day gets better.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Sam I Am, I did lose alot, but hope to be back to a healthy weight soon. You are right. Not all doctors are bad. There were a few I did not like at all, and only had very bad news, never any good news. There were some I wanted to fire and some I really liked. The bottom line, is that I know my body. They were all confused and had no answers, but thanks to a ginger tea bag, the bloating in my intestines reduced enough to let me eat. The bloating was bad due to the medication they gave me and only I kept telling them that. We all know our bodies.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mama Pea, I am just slowly working on laundry (never taking it outside) and folding it on the sofa. So far I cleaned out the woodstove, but the girls bring in the wood. I'm about a 1/3rd through a book (feels great, but lazy) too. I hope to get my walk outside soon. My hands do not shake like they used to, and my legs are stronger. I am now doing stretches every day to get things moving too.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thank you Yarrow. It won't be too long and I will have some funny story to tell. Oh, like hearing my 17 year old smack a chirping cat toy with a hammer, because the dog got it first, and it kept chirping early in the morning, ha ha!

RB said...

It's a blessing to see your name popping up in my email Inbox again, and it's a blessing to see the smile on your face here too.
Continuing in prayer for your full recovery while you remember to take easy, baby steps until you're well again.
God bless.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thank you RB, it feels good every day. Each day gets a bit easier and slowly I'll be back to myself again.