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Thursday, February 18, 2016

I will not be defeated.... ~ Foxtail and a Puppy

Remember that baby blanket I started four years ago?

Well, evidently, I used the wrong yellow yarn to make all 96 of those yellow center flowers, so I have to make them all over again with the right yarn.  They are too big.

The container is starting to refill again.  This time with new yellow flowers.  I did not toss out the larger ones.  They went into a box and in storage (for now).  In my spare time (ha ha ha, ho ho ho he he he!!!) I will put them in another blanket (maybe).

Oh, this battle will be won.  Said in a very stern, determined voice.

We had to do an emergency trip to the vet yesterday.  We have been letting the puppies out into the goat fenced area, to romp and play and see how they like a fenced area.  

Well, they love it.  The bad news, is that foxtail grows in the goat fenced area.  And we have not had goats out there to eat it down since last summer.

King plays hard with Zuri some days, and yesterday he landed on her hard, pushing her nose into the ground (a few times).  She came in sneezing badly.

An hour later, she was still sneezing.  An hour went by, and she had another sneezing fit  By 1:00pm, she was sneezing out blood.

We guessed it was foxtail up her nose, and after a vet visit and paying $277.00, we were right.  The vet pulled a fairly large piece of foxtail, and it was most likely from the romping in the goat pasture.  

A dog fence is now on the "to-do" list.  I just hope we can get one up this spring, with all our other big jobs.

Zuri is not sneezing today, and back to her puppy shenanigans.      


Mama Pea said...

Are you going to hate that baby blanket when it's finally done? I fear I would. Sigh. Can't believe you have to start over on the yellow squares. Arrrgh! You've got more patience and fortitude than I do, that's for sure.

And what a crazy situation with the puppies! Occasionally my husband has a sneezing fit and can't stop (but only for a minute or two, not for hours) so next time that happens I'll check his nose for foxglove! ;o} Poor puppy and bad hit to your budget with the vet bill. Ugh.

Rain said...

Oh poor little girl! I'm glad she's doing better. I'm thinking of a dog fence too, but we're renting, I don't know if it's worth it or not. Our huskies can jump mighty high too.

Susan said...

Poor kid! That must have been painful. Puppies! Have you thought of electric netting for a puppy run? Best thing about it is that you can move it as needed. You have a much better attitude about knitting/crocheting mistakes than I would have. This baby blanket is going to be amazing!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mama Pea, I had to laugh at your comment. I might not like looking at it much right now. Poor Zuri was so worn out by the time we got her to the vet. She's doing good now.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Rain, I was worried ours would jump the fence too. The goat fence is somewhat tall, so we may use the same supplies for a fence.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Susan, she's doing very well today. I may try to get 3-4 squares done a day now, just to get it done faster (the blanket). Or drop all other stuff and focus 100% on it.

Sam I Am...... said...

Look at it this way, you are way ahead on your next baby blanket! LOL! It is really pretty. Where did you get the pattern? I love it!
So sorry about the vet bill...ouch! that is pricey and the poor pup!
I hope she's doing better now.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Sam I Am, I found the pattern in a booklet. I'll try to remember to take a photo of it for you. The vet bill was high due to sedating Zuri, and then putting her on antibiotics afterwards too (medication was $45.00).

Liz said...

THat is a very pretty blanket! But bummer on having to redo all of the yellow, yikes! Poor puppy! That sounds painful so painful for her!

RB said...

My eyes are bad, I can't see a difference in the size of the yellow flowers from the pink ones. I probably woulda left them and said it was part of the "design." LOL
Glad the pup will be ok. I didn't know foxtails could cause that much of a problem.
Prayers everyone has a safe happy weekend. Suppose to be warm here, high 60s, so going to try to get some outside work done.
God bless.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Liz, thanks. Zuri is feeling much better now.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

RB, weather here today will be wonderful too.