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Friday, October 23, 2015

Cancelled Trip ~ Rain ~ Barn Wood Shelf ~ Tidbits

We booked our last camping trip for this weekend, but had to cancel it yesterday.  Why?  Rain and wind.  We've camped in rain before, but this time the weatherman predicts we'll get over 2 inches of rain on Saturday alone.

It is to start raining tonight, and it rained yesterday.  The temperature is nice, but cooking would be an issue.  We don't have an RV, with a full kitchen inside.  We cook all meals outside the camper (which I prefer).  When the wind is in bad, we can't put our awning out to cover the gas stove either.

I'm not sure if I shared this before, so I am sharing today.  One of Hubby's nephew's took some of our barn siding and made us this shelf.  It will be fun deciding what to put in the jars.  It's below my "island" sign, so I have already put shells and beach glass in one of the jars.  It will be all keepsakes or vintage or usable vintage items.

We plan to resume the big barn project soon, so if I find any good siding suitable for signs, I'll be sure to post them here.

Our, now 19 year-old daughter, is coming home for her "birthday" weekend tonight.  She texted and said she was badly in need of some "good food" and asked if I was cooking.  We'll be sure to have some good food this weekend.  Most of the time she visits, she has a ton of homework, and simply wants to relax and rest, and cuddle up with her dog.

On a happy note. I ran into my brother-in-law yesterday.  He bought some hogs to raise, and when it comes time for butcher, he may be giving me some pig fat to render into lard.  I'm so excited, because we were about to raise one or two on our own here (stinky) with our just shy of 6 acres.

Update on my black walnut stained, burned's doing much better.  The brown-ish color is still there, but slowly going away. The aloe plants have been wonderful in healing the burned area too.  It was like a bad sunburn.  Although I can't wear my wedding ring yet, it is healing up.

Last night, my 16 year-old insisted giving me a pedicure.  If she keeps this up, I'll have some very nice looking feet by next summer.  This time she painted them black, and painted a pumpkin on each big toe, ha ha!  Who knows what the next one will be.  I do love the pampering moments too.


Mama Pea said...

We're in for a very rainy weekend here, too, but I'm betting we need it more than you do. You've had your share for . . . what? The next two years?!

Sorry your camping trip had to be cancelled, but it will be nicer for your daughter's birthday weekend at home. The kids do come back for "good food", don't they? That sure makes all the work we put into cooking worth it.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mama Pea, we sure have had enough rain here this year. That's for sure.

EMMA said...

Been away in italy for a while so only just catching up - sorry to hear about your hand, sounds painful!
That recycled shelving is fantastic!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thanks Emma. Aloe directly from the plant healed my hand quickly. We do love the shelf.

RB said...

Sorry to hear about the hand. Musta missed the story about that during my work days, will go back and look for it. Aloe is amazing for burns. Glad it's helping.
I'm not much of a camper (went to USMC boot camp, and that was enough "camping" to last me a lifetime I guess - LOL), but cooking outdoors in rain or wind makes it even more of a challenge for sure.
I hope your daughter enjoys her birthday and her days at home. I'm sure her dog will be overjoyed to see her.
Have a great week.
God bless.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

RB, when daughter returned to college and texted she arrived safely, the next text was "I want to go home."