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Friday, October 17, 2014

Coffee Tea Bags ~ Two and Three Word Tea Bag Quotes

I wanted to send Daughter some good coffee, and finally found a way to do it.  The first thing that came to mind was a "Coffee Tea Bag" but they are really Coffee bags. 

After I made these.  .  . 

 ...I realized they would be excellent for taking on trips, as well as for gifting.  Most places to lodge now have a way to heat water, and if you are like me, I don't like using an "in-room" coffee maker.  I can heat water over a campfire and take these along too.

We did give this a whirl before I posted this.  The coffee tastes a bit weaker than brewed of course, and we noticed a few coffee grounds sneak out of it, but works pretty good.

I simply cut a natural coffee filter to be somewhat of a rectangle shape.

I put about a tablespoon of organic coffee in the center, then folded one side over then the other.  

Then I folded up the bottom, and folded down the top.  You can use a wooden spring clothespin to hold the bag shut while you do the next step.

I cut a piece of kitchen string (food safe butcher string).  I used about a 12 inch piece.  I simply held the top of the string with one hand and pulled one thread out with the other.

Knot one end of the string, and using an embroidery needle, gently sew into the top of the bag.  Don't cut the string.

I cut some cardstock to make my own coffee bag tags.  Using markers I decorated them.  I then used the needle to sew the tag to the end of the string.  No staples needed, no bleach from cheap coffee filters, food-safe string, and it can all be composted.  

I put these in the mail to Daughter, to life her spirits and send her a bit of "happy" from home.  I better get busy and make some for Son too. 

Quotes for handmade Coffee or Tea bags:

Be Heard

Be well
Be Curious 
Be yourself
Believe in yourself
Do it better 
Flower Power
Grace brings contentment
Grace brings prosperity
Keep up
Live, Love, Laugh
Love without cause
No Worries
Speak the truth
Trust creates peace
You are beautiful
You are unlimited

Longer quotes:

Work, but don't forget to live
Let your heart guide you
Be proud of who you are
Live in your strength

Note:  I'll continue to add more as we drink up more tea here, and/or the kids come up with some new ones. 

 Tip:  You can also simply fill an unbleached (disposable) paper steep sack.  To mail it,  tie the bottom closed with a piece of butcher string (so the coffee stays secure).  These steep sacks do cost more than the coffee filters, but will keep you from getting coffee grounds in your cup. 

I do have muslin to sew my own tea/coffee bags (reusable) as well, but it makes me wonder if the thread I have is food safe.  I'll have to look into that.  I did email the company that makes the embroidery floss I use, and they tell me it is not food-safe.  Maybe some day they will consider making it now.

It rained again last night, so the remainder of the garden remains.  I got a lot done in my kitchen, and more that needs cleaned up yet.  I finally put all my printed recipes in a file folder (along with magazine pages), and have a plan to do type up one a day to get the file folder empty.  Most recipes are ones we have tried.  After a good harvest this summer, it feels good to get things in order.

The kids have been loaded with homework lately.  One is on in the National Honor Society, and the other two are struggling (but striving) to get their grades high enough to join in the future as well.

Five Minutes for Me ~ Breakfast on the porch.


Susan said...

What a lovely idea! I love reading about the strong connection of love between your children and you. It does my heart good.

Unknown said...

I love the idea! I wonder if the coffee is weak because the 'cups' we use these days are more than the old fashioned 6-8 ounces? That is the measurement of water for a cup of coffee. Almost all the mugs these days are at least 11 ounces - and most of mine are more. Jan in NWGA

Kristina said...

Nancy po, they are called content scrapers. I have not seen it on my blog "traffic" for a while. If the name shows up again, I will post it.

Kristina said...

Jan, if you pour boiling water over the coffee bag, it has a much better result than microwaving the water and add the bag. I'm guessing my kids will only have access to a microwave.

Kristina said...

One feed site that has not gotten good reviews is feedspotbot check for it in your traffic sources. With the read more on my blog, they cannot feed in my entire post. They are doing this without permission of course.

Sam I Am...... said...

Great idea! They are so cute too with your quotes on them.

RB said...

Kristina have you considered doing a cook book, or actually any of us could do them too.
With modern computers, digital cameras, graphics and printers, it wouldn't be difficult to do, and it would be a way to earn a little extra money.
One could do a relatively small one, with say 10 salad or main course or casserole or desert recipes in it with colored photographs on plain paper, bind it together with simple staples and sell it probably for $2-5 each.
Ya never know, but I do know we not only have some GREAT cooks out there, but some FRUGAL ones too that could teach folks how to feed their families for less - and who doesn't need to know that nowadays.
God bless.