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"Eat it up,
Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

To Keep or Not to Keep ~ And Other Rambles

"So Mom, why is that hanging there?"

"So I can look at it, and decide if I really want to keep it."

Yes.  I have an empty frame on the wall that is missing the glass.  I paid $.99 for it some odd years ago, and found it while cleaning.  I intended (there's that word again) to have the glass cutter make me a piece to fit this frame.   I think the style caught my eye when I saw it.  

It's been a week, and the frame is still there. 

Don't you hate it when you get stuck on a piece like this?  Hubby even likes it, and two girls have asked for it if I don't want it.  

Yesterday the kids did not have school (some sort of teacher work day I think).  It was crazy-busy here.  I had a new batch of laundry soap melting on the stove, while painting the cabinet, and waiting on the washer to put clothes outside.  Then there were 2 runs to the vet for Clyde, a run for chicken feed, returns to the library, and so forth.  

At noon I had planned to sit a spell on the porch, but remembered Hubby bought ground beef for homemade sloppy joes.  I had to get that browned and started, before I could enjoy the porch.

Oh, and the joys of chickens are mounting.  I went out to do something, and saw my chickens in my strawberry beds.  This was a photo moment.  Imagine me running, waving my arms, and getting about two words out of my mouth, before catching my foot on a stray piece of wire, and slamming to the ground.  The kids had fun with that.  Not to mention I had to change my clothes that were covered in mud.

One way or another, I plan to get either reading time or embroidery time in my day today.  That all depends on if we can locate new tires for my car today.  I only need one, but after yesterday morning's fiascal, I might as well replace both front tires.

Yesterday was also, what my kids called, "Uncle J's lesson in yard trash."  My younger brother has his opinions about "yard trash" (do-dads and what not that you put in your gardens and yards).

I had my one daughter and baby goat in my car, and we had just pulled out.  Half-way out of the drive I hear metal hitting my right tire.  I stop.  We investigate, and we back up, get out, and get in my son's car.  

What did I run over?  A metal garden, rooster, welcome sign with a nice metal windmill that stuck itself right into my tire.  How did it get in the middle of the driveway?  Hubby "thinks" he may have hit that morning with his truck.  He "thinks?"  Hm.  No more metal staked signs in the gardens.  Guess who bought the sign anyway?  Yep.  Hubby.  It's in the trash today.

We'll see what homesteading adventures take place today.


Willow said...

Once you put a picture in that frame , you know it will be a keeper :)

Michelle said...

It's a old and beautiful frame. My day is being spend watching a friends dog that loves to play. I am worn out