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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spinning Wool ~ Drop Spindle ~ Tidbits

I am finally getting the chance to do something for myself
- learn to spin wool with a drop spindle. 

I attended the 29th Market Day and Fiber Fair a few weekends ago, but was disappointed.  There were no starter kids available. I found spindles (hand crafted spindles at the $40 to $60 range).  Anyway, I came home, ordered my own kit from a Etsy seller, and will simply teach myself using YouTube.  By the way, that is how I taught myself to do needle tatting and knitting as well.

That was the second Fiber Fair I have attended to over the years.  This one had wool from sheep, goat, alpaca, llama etc.  The previous fairs I attended had rabbits too.

This year I met a very nice lady who did shuttle tatting, and teaches it too.  I couldn't resist buying a pair of earrings.  I saved her information just in case I get the hankering to learn how to do shuttle tatting too.

1. Learn to spin wool with a drop spindle.  The possibility of raising alpaca is still up, but I'm not sure I want to add more work to my already fully loaded life. it really necessary to learn to do this right now?  This one is iffy for now, just as beekeeping is.

It felt good to mark that completed. 

The boys hanging out (Alias and Son).  They were enjoying the beautiful weather, and each others company before Son leaves.  The girls will get to cut his hair today. 


I was blessed with watching another beautiful sunrise on the front porch this morning. Thankfully, traffic was at a minimum, so that was nice too.  I think my goal now, will be to exercise before the sunrise, so I can enjoy a cup of coffee on the porch afterwards.  It truly is peaceful, and I love looking at God's beauty.

We are having a wonderful weather weekend, but pollen count is at the highest.  I am lathered in my natural allergy essential oils, and hope I do not need the over-the-counter meds.   Okay, so I'm not really "lathered" in the oils, but you get my point.  I already hear the "cough" from one of the kids upstairs.

I planted 4 new carnation plants.  They came with my elderberry plants - something new for the garden this year.  

I'm still cleaning and organizing, but with the meat chickens in the utility room, that halts work in there.  I'll be working in the kitchen next week.

Today I am taking my first cutting from our home grown green onions.  I'll be making a dip with them.  I hope to have a photo and recipe to share later.

I'm tempted to start cleaning out the herb gardens this weekend too.  Don't worry, I have new masks to wear this spring.  That should keep allergies from flaring into a raging blow out.

Besides, if I wait too late to clean out the herb and flower beds, I have to deal with farmer's dust and spray, and that runs me into the house. 

I am having a difficult time finding organic produce at the grocery store lately.  They have been sold out or cannot get some items I typically buy.  Even onions. I did however, locate non-GMO canola oil.  

I had no idea that canola fields are GMO (90% of USA crops) grown in the USA.   For years, I read how canola oil was a better choice of oil, other than olive oil.  Never once, did I read a label that said it was a GMO product.  As consumers, we do have a right to know what's in our food.  The more I learn, the more I shake my head.  Did you know that most zucchini today is GMO grown?  If you want more information on high risk crops, visit the Non-GMO Project website.

Okay, I'm off my soapbox now.  

Have a good weekend, and enjoy the sunrise and sunset. 


Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

I just love you tube for the possibilities of further learning!
I am learning to knit with youtube and what little bit of tatting I learned last year...(still need to work on that skill) I learned on youtube as well.
Thanks for the link on the GMO website. I'm going to check that out for sure!
It amazes me on what is going on in the food industry out there--
It is so true what you said "as consumers we have a right to know what's in our food."
The thing is-- it isn't voluntary information. AS CONSUMERS YOU HAVE TO ASK...otherwise, you won't know. :/

Hope your allergies don't flare up I know you like the gardens.
enjoy your weekend.

Liz said...

They say this is one of the worst allergy seasons ever! I feel so bad for you! What a beautiful sunrise! We have had some beauties around here too!

RB said...

Have seen women spinning wool on spinning wheels several times over the years at craft fairs and such. One time I noticed how smooth and supple their fingers were, even some of them were quite old, and I asked one of them if they thought it might be because of the lanolin inherent in lamb/sheep wool. They hadn't noticed before and didn't know themselves. I wonder though what it is that keeps their hands looking so young.

God bless.