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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sickness ~ Alias Update and Other News

It happened.  

I caught the plague that the kids have been toting around. Ugh.  I blame it on forgetting to take my vitamins with me while camping.

I am just plain miserable.  My head hurts, the bridge of my nose feels like it's being squeezed by vise-grips, and my eyes are watering uncontrollably.  I already used a box of kleenex (which I insisted on buying the kind with lotion in them).  Thank goodness I have one jar of homemade vapo-rub made.

And I know I look as bad as I feel.  Hubby took one look at me and said, "you look like h*#!!"

He told me, "go back to bed" and that wasn't happening.

I had to prepare a birthday dinner (chicken alfredo and steamed broccoli) along with an apple and peach pie, get ice cream, and so forth.

Ha....go back to bed?  

Not happening. 

However, thankfully my son was off work Monday, and was able to help me by taking Alias to the vet.  He came home and said Alias got a clean bill of health.  Yay!  He is healthy and now current on his shots.

As for an update on the second inspection of the stove piping....didn't happen.  The second company we called, never called as they stated they would, nor came out.  Hubby said, "don't call them again."

I have now called the third company, who is scheduled to come out next week.  They would be here sooner, but are swamped with calls, as it is getting colder in our area.   I'll have an update on the inspection late next week.

Today, I am paying for not "going back to bed."  I am more miserable today than yesterday, and promised my 11 year-old I would do all of the dishes (she was getting a migraine last night and the other kids went to the movies).  

I did spend some "sitting time" working on some Christmas gifts, but I can't post photos until after I gift them.  

I will be going back to bed, after the kids get on the school bus.  I'm hoping that I have a few more glasses of homemade ginger ale in the fridge too.


EMMA said...

Oh dear, you sound very unwell!
Hope you have gone back to bed and are staying there until you are fit as a fiddle!

Mama Pea said...

Ugh. So sorry to hear you've caught some nasty bug. It's so, so hard to really rest and take care of yourself when YOU'RE the one who's supposed to be taking care of everyone else! Here's hoping this passes quickly and you're feeling right as rain soon. Hugs.

Beansieleigh said...

Glad to hear Alias is doing well, but hope you're feeling better soon! ~tina

Energy Creations said...

The kids went to the movies while you were sick, and dishes to do? That wouldn't happen in my house:) I'd put them to work, THEN they could go to the movies...

RB said...

Not feeling too well myself (in NC sandhills) and sis in PA says they've had it up there too.
Been racing around today trying to get odds and ends around the house finished because I work the next three days in a row. Now that might seem light to some folks, but I'm 66 years old and have deteriorating disk disease in 6 spinal disks (top 3 and bottom 3) with 3 bulging disks in the middle, so it's a little rough.
Still, according to my spiritual beliefs, it's wrong to turn down work, so to work I will go, and I believe God will watch over me abundantly.
Prayers everyone is on the mend out there soon.

God bless.


P.S. - Sis says soup made with ox tails is amazing and made her feel better each time she ate a little of it. So maybe there's a little magic in that. LOL