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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hand Therapy

In desperation to give my hands some relief, I bought a paraffin wax hand therapy machine.  My 16 year-old is also battling sore hands from hand milking goats, so I felt it was a good investment.

We immediately opened the box, read the directions, and heated the wax.  The other girls were so enthused, that they too joined in with dipping a hand.  

I had to laugh, as we all wanted to take photos, but we all had one wax covered hand in a plastic bag.  

We've only used it for one treatment, so it's too early to tell if it's working for us.  My left hand continues to hurt yet, even after one treatment.

As for buying a home unit, I do need to warn folks, that the wax does heat pretty hot.  You dip your hand several times, and the very first time is a bit challenging. 

Update:  I had to cut one more wine cork in half with a small saw, and this required holding it with my left hand.  I was able to cut it without losing my grip (which happened prior to my hand therapy). Although my hands are sore, not losing my grip on the cork, gives me hope that the wax heat treatments will work.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A gun shot woke me up early today.  I took Alias out to do his business, in my jammies and slippers, and then "BOOM!"
That's all it took to keep me from going back to bed.  I can only hope they had permission to be back in the woods, especially so close to our house. 


Mama Pea said...

Sure hope this helps you. Not being able to make the hands work properly (and without pain) is kinda important!

Nancy Jo said...

I have heard that a wax dip can work wonders, hope it helps.
Nancy Jo

HeatherD76 said...

My grandmother use to do wax treatments to help her arthritis. It worked for her, so it should work for you.

Anonymous said...

Once you dip your hand in the wax put it in a plastic bad and then wrap in a towel. It will help the heat to penetrate through the muscles. Once they wax has cooled and you peel the wax off massage lotion in working from the tips of the fingers towards the palms of the hands. It helps relax the muscles and gets the blood flowing bck to the heart and the circulation going. Hope this helps.

RB said...

Have you ever tried Cornhusker's Lotion or Mane & Tail? My brother works in the yard a lot and his hands crack and bleed, and he's found Cornhusker's to help him a great deal. Both are easily available at Walmart and Walgreen's if either of those is near to you.

God bless.