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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Roasted Rabbit ~ Keeping Letter Writing Alive

Hubby and I located a son/father business, who basically raise animals for 4-H and so forth.  However, we were given their business card, because they sell a natural feed for both chickens and goats.  He picks up the feed about a little over an hour from here, and sells it to folks from his house.

 (Before I added all the herbs and fixin's. I had already thawed two chickens when Hubby bought the rabbit, so I just tossed it in the roaster with them)

We are pretty excited we were told about them too.  While we were there picking up feed, they showed us some of the chickens they raise.  They even has a few Frizzle hens.  They are so funny looking, since their feathers curl up instead of down, and they look like they are wearing wigs.

We got to talking, and he also raises rabbits for show/meat.  He had one already butchered and sold it to us to try.  Only Hubby has had rabbit before, so yesterday we roasted it for the rest of us to try.

(This book has a recipe for raccoon too)

I'm thinking that raising rabbits for meat might very well be in our near future here too.  You can see the size difference from the rabbit meat to the chickens this year.  We went with a different breed of chicken, and will also next year.  

I'm busy keeping the art of letter writing alive.  I managed to write a 4 page letter to my Aunt, and I still need to get several more postcards written.

I spent all day in the kitchen, and decided I am not keeping track of my canning this year.  I canned some mixed berry jam, some zucchini relish, and froze more peas.  It was stinkin' hot and humid in my kitchen by dinner time.

"Mom!  You're still in the kitchen?  You've been in there all day.  You must really like it!" (from the mouth of my youngest).  Oh, little does she know.

Check out my new fan for my kitchen. 

Isn't it cute!  If you have a TSC store near you, they have them on clearance now.  It's not only decor for the kitchen, but useful for me.

Update on the rabbit:  We loved it.  Only one kiddo was reluctant to try it.  Yum!


Carolyn said...

So, how was the rabbit? We keep going back & forth about raising rabbits, but haven't decided one way or the other yet. I'd just have to have to by another different food as right now the chickens & goats get the same bagged "all grain" feed.

CUTE chicken fan!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

The rabbit was very good. The meat is a bit tougher than chicken, because they have a lot of muscle, but delicious. All of the family loved it, but one. My youngest refused to taste it. If we get another, I'll marinade it in the crock pot - yum!

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Love the chicken fan... I have one that is a McCaw parrot...for my computer room... I love it!

I like writing letters...I've got some I need to write too.

have a great weekend. Pat

Unknown said...

Cute fan, never heard of TSC though. I've had rabbit and liked it. A friend years ago raised rabbit for sale. Very lean, so not much fat there. I roasted mine too.

Sam I Am...... said...

Hi! I've been remiss in stopping by and I can see you've been busy as usual! I had rabbit as a child and didn't care for it. I remember it tasting sort of sweet, I think but that was so many eons ago! LOL!
The fan is just too cute!

Cris said...

Good for you & the family for trying rabbit! I highly recommend slow cooking rabbit--it really helps to break the fibers of the muscle down, and you get this wonderful rich flavor...yum! Plus, you don't need to eat as much rabbit meat before you feel full, which is great when you are feeding a big family. Can you tell I am a fan? And raising rabbits is very easy, but I really recommend having a family talk about the realities of butchering before you jump into it. They are cuter and cuddlier than many other creatures we can raise for meat, and that can be really hard for people to come to terms with. But you probably have thought about that already, right? :-) BY the way, it is a fiddly recipe, but you have to make hasenpfeffer. It is incredible!

Amy Dingmann said...

I've seen that book and wondered if it had fabulous recipes in it. Raccoon? Really! That sounds like a book we need to buy! We're always eating funky things around did you enjoy the rabbit?

Letter writing is a lost art and its so nice to have people keeping it alive. I love writing to my penpals (as do my sons) - and I know that people enjoy receiving things in the mail that aren't junk or bills! :) Keep it up!