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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Thursday, July 25, 2013

On the Loose ~ Camper

 "Big boy" (Orion) has been getting loose a lot lately.  This concerns me with the big barn too.  He got caught up inside where the loft caved down, so we are in a much needed hurry to find a way to remove that barn.  Money is extremely tight now, with all the repairs and replacements, so I am praying we can still find someone to take the wood.

It's not "Big Boy's" fault either. 
The ground is so wet, and the recent rain didn't help.  I do keep cables on hand for when they rust and break.  However, I do not keep the tie-out stakes on hand.  

I had to laugh at this, so I am sharing.  There were four of us in my bedroom, hovering over the flat screen TV, trying to see if it had a fuse we could simply replace (okay, so we can dream).  I have to admit it I was quite impressed to see my 16 year-old daughter talk about parts on the circuit board with her step-dad.  My son was looking it over too.  Evidently, my daughter loves this kind of stuff.  When I asked about classes at school, she said they only offer it in one grade.  I'm thinking the school should offer it a lot more than once.  

Anyway, back to the funny part.  I had asked my 14 year-old to go take down all the laundry off the line.  She exited my bedroom doors, that go to the patio where the line is at.  Not much time passed and she came screaming inside.

(He he!)

"Big Boy" was on the loose again, only this time he ventured way past the barns and into the back yard, where my daughter was taking the laundry down.  He was even sniffing the laundry she threw into the air that landed on the patio (he he he, ha ha ha!).

This time he broke the ring off the stake, so he's temporarily secured, until I can get to the Tractor Supply store for, not one, but two more stakes (to keep one on hand). 

Some day, unless she sells him, I plan to put him in an electric fence.  That is, if all this rotten stuff stops happening, and we don't have to keep replacing and repairing around here.

As for the flat screen TV, it's most likely going to be driven to Best Buy, where they recycle the good parts, so it won't end up in the dump.  I'm not seeing a new one replaced too soon either.  The night prior to the the fire, we came home with a camper.  Had we not, we'd be replacing everything right now.

When I get my head together, I will show you our new family camper.  It's an older model, but practical for family camping, and possibly glamping.  We are super excited, despite all the trauma and tribulations we are experiencing. 


Candy C. said...

Wow, I would think there would be all kinds of people willing to take the barn wood or even to pay for it, crafters, picture frame makers, etc. Have you tried putting an ad on CraigsList?
Your story of the goat reminded me, once again, why I don't have a buck! LOL!!
A trip in the new camper might be just what you guys need to get your minds off of all the other stuff.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Candy we did list it on Craigslist, but only got one inquiry (who never called back). It's a large barn too.
Camping does sound like bliss right now.

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

See... I want a goat, but then I read stories like this. I don't know if I have the patience. Good to know that y'all are used to it and can laugh about it!
Sorry to hear about the TV-- I guess homeowners insurance isn't covering any of this? Sometimes deductibles are just as much as replacement costs. So it evens out.
I'm with Candy-- I'd think someone would want to come and take that wood off your hands. You know work something out-- labor/cost , etc.
My brother has two barns on his property that he built by taking them down off someone property and hauling it off and cleaning up.
I guess people just want something for nothing now days.
Praying you get somebody that needs it or wants it bad enough.

Carolyn said...

Ugh, bucks. And then when I finally get rid of mine....I get a different one. Too bad they're necessary, I wish we had the moolah to have a fancy AI thingy.

Unknown said...

Any chance you could get help to cut the barn down into piles of firewood?