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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Puttin' Up Herbs ~ Handiwork Tidbits

Rosemary and sage filled these two drying racks.

 Flat leaf parsely went into the dehydrator.

I ran out of room, so lemon balm and spearmint are held to the kitchen ceiling with tacks.   I still have a bowl of basil to dry yet, along with mullein and comfrey.  I have two days to get all the herbs dried.  Every year I bring in my rosemary, and every year it dies.  One year I left it out and it lived (mild winter).  Not sure if I want to mess with it.  We lack the sunshine.   Maybe a grow light?

I have zero lavender to dry this season.  Both plants died over our winter.  I'll be replanting new ones in the spring.

Remember the cotton yarn rugs I made using scrap yarn?  Well, one rug went with one daughter for her dorm.  The other at my door, and the third was left to finish.  I contacted the shop that sold art items on consignment.  They no longer do that, but referred me to anther store about 27 miles away from our homestead.  I am waiting to hear back from them, as I work on that third rug (amongst many other projects). 

I am still piddling along with the scrap yarn blanket.  I think I have about three more colors left.  After that I have used every color that I have.

I didn't have much time last night, as I delivered meals to my Dad.  He was thrilled to get some bluegill too.  I hope he likes his breakfast I took also.  I wilted some of our kale and added it to his scrambled eggs. 

I had purchased organic eggs from the store, to stretch our few eggs we were getting, but you can tell they don't hold up to my standards.  The tiny light colored yolk is the store bought egg.  The other four are from my hens.

Today, breakfast is peanut butter on toast.  The hens are not quite laying the number of eggs we need.  However, the hen that looked terrible a few weeks back is looking good again. 


Kim said...

As usual it appears you are a busy woman. I too am trying to get it all done before the first frost this weekend. Not sure if it will be a killing frost or not though.

Kristina said...

Kim, my dehydrator is working over time, ha ha! I have herbs everywhere.

Liz said...

I need to get busy and pick my herbs. We have a freeze warning for this weekend. Glad the chicken is doing better!

Mama Pea said...

I just now took a break from prepping peppermint for the dryer trays. I never seem to have very good luck drying herbs by hanging them in a room. It seems to take forever . . . and then I wonder how dusty they get! Bringing herbs inside over winter in pots have not worked for me either. Which is a bummer because even covered with a good layer of mulch, I have a hard time over-wintering them in the garden. Always a challenge, isn't it?

Kristina said...

Mama Pea, the spring time is the best for me, for drying inside. Fall, is a chore though. They take much longer to dry hanging. As soon as the herb in the dehydrator is dry, I am taking down herbs and putting them in it, to speed things up.

Kristina said...

Thanks Liz. She is back to good health. I think letting her get free range of the entire property helped her some protein (grasshoppers), more dirt baths and grit.

RB said...

Wow! That tiny egg looks like an egg from a banty, doesn't it. Glad to hear the ailing hen is doing better. Hope she's all better.
Have had lavender come back year after year in a pot outside. I have it sitting next to the porch swing, and when we swing back and forth, the swing brushes the plant leaving the beautiful scent wafting through the air. I do cut it back and bring the cuttings in for winter to use in my bath. The scent is amazing.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend.
God bless.

Kristina said...

RB, about every October time, the hens molt and we get few eggs. Even with 13 layers. I hope to double the amount of lavender next year.