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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Homemade Goat's Milk Butter

If you can believe it, I have never tried making butter with our goat's milk.  Yesterday I finally made some.

It was so stinkin' easy, I can't believe I haven't made it before.

Our next oldest daughter had been skimming the cream, and we had a pint of it.  I simply poured it into my blender.

I blended for about 4-5 minutes, let it rest and rise to the top. 

Drained off any buttermilk.   I did not have much.
Barn kitty, Timmy, enjoyed it (that is a pint jar).

I rinsed the butter a few times with ice water, drained it off.  I then put it in a bowl and folded it until there was no water coming out of it.  I then stirred in salt.

Melt in our mouth butter.  Mmmm!

It was my high point in the day.  Every day I try to plan something to look forward to every day (little or big).  The anticipation keeps me fired up in positive energy.  What's next?  A new cheese with goat's milk maybe.  So far, I've made ricotta and cream cheese.  


Sandra Morris said...

Something I have not tried with goats milk!
We just started milking this week.

Susan said...

There is nothing like butter out of the churn (blender)! I freeze the cream I skim until I have a little under a quart (raw Jersey milk), then thaw it and put it in my food processor. How long does your goat milk need to set before the cream rises? It's more naturally homogenized than cow's milk, right?

Lady Jane said...

MMMM that looks good. I love that you try to look forward to something every day. That will be a new goal for me.

Mama Pea said...

When we had our dairy goats, I used to make butter in the blender all the time, too. But I must confess that I always added a bit of natural dandelion coloring to make the butter look a little yellow. Never could get used to spreading butter that looked like lard or (eep!) Crisco on toast! :o]

Kristina said...

Sandra, it's so easy to do too.

Kristina said...

Susan, I'm not sure how long the jars sat, but not long. She just spoons it off into another jar. I'm not sure on the comparison to cow milk.

Kristina said...

Mama Pea, the color was the first thing that raised my eyebrows. Yep, looks like lard, ha ha!

Kristina said...

Lady Jane, it keeps me positive and it's fun.

My Garden Diaries said...

So very cool!! This would make my heart sing as well! And it looks delicious!!! And so much better for you!!!! Happy making always...inspiring!!! Nicole xoxo

Kristina said...

Thanks Nicole, it is nice to know we are eating the real thing.

CeeJay said...

It IS easy! Been making butter from raw cow's milk I get from a neighbor in my food processor. As a kid growing up on the farm we made butter but my mom made my younger sister and I shake it in a quart jar . . UGH! Took forever!
Nothing like fresh real butter!

Kristina said...

CJ, I can't believe how easy it is to make. I would love to try cow's milk too. I was going to buy a butter churn, but the blender was super fast.

Sam I Am...... said...

Can you make butter just using milk out of the carton? Or do you have to have the cream in it?
Good for you! i also try to ensure I have something to look forward to each day as a reward for hard work! Or in my case...any work at all! LOL!

Kristina said...

Sam I am, I know you can make it from buying cartons of whipping cream.