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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Cro Tatting ~ Writing ~ Numbers Crunching

This morning's sunrise was nice and bright.  No fog today.  I woke up with no energy.  How is that possible?  A good night's sleep, and I just want to go back to bed.  But I can't. Work must be done. 

Here is my finished cro-tat piece.  It's a combination of tatting and crochet, and this doily turned out pretty nice.  It's the perfect size for a flower vase.
My own list here at the homestead is making some headway, despite other set backs.  I was happy to see another cabbage, one tomato, and a bowl full of jalapeno peppers. Tomato stakes are finally pulled and most of the plants.

My garlic has not done well the last two years (in the current raised beds).  This year I put them in the garden in hopes of a better harvest next year. 

In my attempt to fit "writing time" into it, I have failed.  Miserably failed.  I was so pumped with energy when we last camped, and had high hopes and such good intentions.  I let the garden get my time, I let the housework get my time, I let the animals get my time, and lastly, I allowed the internet  to rob my time.   I must, must, must, pick a time of day where I can crank out over 1,000 words.  I have several short stories that need finished and sent out.  Then an essay.   

The numbers continue to crunch here.  Graduation cap and gown will cost us $50.00 for the next to graduate (next May), but has to be paid now.  The septic is now emptied ($200.00), the chimney sweep comes this month ($180.00), and then the propane needs ordered.  I'm afraid to call and get an estimate on that.

What's for dinner?  Peanut butter and jelly.


Mama Pea said...

Your cro-tat piece is simply lovely!

I don't know how you folks with kiddies still at home (regardless of age) are managing to make it financially these days. Every single thing we purchase is going up, up, up in cost. Some of it ridiculously so. Of course, we're "retired" and on a limited budget, but who isn't these days? You can't work an outside job 24 hours a day in order to bring in more money. And as you well know, when you do as much as you do as a homemaker (and ALL that entails), where do you find the time for using your talents to bring in extra money?

P.S. Peanut butter and jelly once in a while is not a bad meal! :o}

Kristina said...

Mama Pea, thanks for the comment on the tatting piece. Raising kids today is very difficult money-wise. Every week it's a crunch. I used to pay $99 for the chimney sweep. It's outrageous, but very needed too.

My Garden Diaries said...

Ha! I hear you on the expenses....I watch my brothers kids for extra money just to pay for preschool!! I do hope you find time for your writing. And I hope that you get a strong burst of energy here to pull you through the day!!! Nicole xo

Sam I Am...... said...

I know what you priority was the 2nd room...the kitchen but I haven't gotten to it yet today!
I was going to say that the chimney sweep was expensive as mine is like $85 but then he retired so now there is none.
My tomatoes are still producing but then it's been in the high 80's here and sunny but it's getting ready to change...tonight, I think! YAY!
You'll get to your writing but like me, you have to do those priorities first thing in the day or they'll never get done. I only pick 3 a day (top priorities) and sometimes I don't get all 3 done. "Do your big rocks first" as Stephen Covey used to say because you will always find time to fit in the little things. Good luck!

Patricia @ Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Love the cro-tat doily.
Nice work.
Our kids are all grown and moved on; but we still have many of the same out of pockets expenses... and on SS income. We babysit our grand-kids and I'm homeschooling one --her momma pays me pretty well. Some people can't believe I charge my kids to baby sit-- but, I say, they'd have to pay someone, might as well, be me. I don't charge what a lic. daycare does; and the kids always helps out in other ways too. Still-- money needs to be budgeted. Regardless how much you have coming in.
Just bought Propane @ $2.21 a gallon and signed up for average billing.
Not sure How I'm going to like that. We have to do this for one year under contract and I don't think I'm going to like having a propane bill in the summer.
We'll try it one year.
we've cut our own wood... and we don't have the chimney swept! We just burn a creosote build up log.
Hmmm... now I'm wondering about that!
Love the PB & J dinner.
We get paid on the 3rd so today is the last day of the month for us-- no shopping this month.
We may have pb&j for dinner too. :)
Thanks for the tip!

Kristina said...

The chimney sweep is a must, because our insurance won't cover a fire unless I have proof it's professionally cleaned once a year. There are only two in our area, and we decided to dump the one, due to the shady men they sent last time. They also tried to sell us something we did not need. However, next year Hubby wants to replace it with a pellet stove. Not sure if I will like that, because pellets you buy, wood is typically free most years.

Liz said...

Love the colors of your doily! My kids have been out of school for awhile, but I remember all to well all of the extra $$ that they needed for this or that! We just pre-bought our propane for the winter. 1900.00 GULP! Hope you find some writing time!