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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ginger Bars ~ National Craft Month ~ Leftover Ham

From Pile.....

. . .to File - Extreme Clean.

I pulled another magazine page from my hoarded pile of recipes, and made Woman's Day magazine's Ginger Bars (Sept. 2010, just Google the recipe and you'll find the site). I'll admit, I had my doubts about this recipe.

We are still experiencing cold temperatures, so baking in the kitchen just helps heat this place up a bit.  Speaking of heat, Hubby installed the new auger on the pellet stove last night and we fired it up.  It is so nice to have heat again.  

(cooling in pan, and looks nothing like the magazine photo below)

I found it odd that the online site has zero recipe reviews.  They must have sprinkled some crystallized ginger on top before baking.

I was tickled to be able to utilize my farm fresh eggs, homemade vanilla extract, and dehydrated ginger in this recipe.  Oddly enough, I had crystallized ginger on hand too.  These were delicious!  They should be called Ginger brownies. They have the texture of a chewy brownie and are so good.  I must get some more crystallized ginger on my next trip to town.  Mmmmm!

And for some more "extreme clean" progress. . . .


I'm not really one to get excited about a holiday such as National Craft Month, but find it funny that I am doing more cleaning and organizing, with my crafting supplies, than crafting.  You can see what happens when I let the kids use this stuff (photo above).  That is only one container too.  


Slowly, but surely, I will have it all cleaned up and sorted again.  If you have been following along, my bedroom closet is where all of my (other than what's in my garage due to space) craft supplies have been stored.  It's out of control, so I  am doing a bit of purging so to speak.  Anything I am not using is getting donated to Goodwill or given away.   I still have a "rainy day" box for this kids.  That is next to be filtered through.

My closet is not heated, so I had to wait until the pellet stove was fired up again, to dive back into the closet.  Before, it was causing the bedroom to be so cold (by me opening it so much).

My crafting supplies are being moved into my utility room, where there is actually room for a table.  I can't wait to get my recycled kitchen cupboards, so I can paint them, install them, and have the storage space I need.  Hubby is on board, because our bedroom will be our bedroom.  He won't see piles of yarn in there anymore.

As for the large utility room, I am purging in there too.  And the garage.  Storage totes are now started for hope chest items for the kids (anything I am not using that they could use in the future). 

With Easter fast approaching, I am sure folks will be looking for ways to use up leftover ham.  I love to make soups and scalloped potatoes, but there is always that last bit of ham you don't know what to do with.

I made a ham/cheese souffle in my crock pot for the first time.  It was a great way to use up leftover ham and our abundance of farm fresh eggs.  I did not cut the crust off my bread, and cubed it.  I layered 10 slices of bread, ham and cheese, and topped with 2 cups of milk mixed with 6 eggs and a bit of salt.  I cooked it on high for 30 minutes, then reduced it to low until it was done (about 3 1/2 hours or so).   

Note:  This was pretty bland tasting.  My kids said it needed some sauteed onions and peppers added, or "something."  I agree, it needs something for flavor. It baked okay in the crock pot, but I do prefer the oven for souffles.


Liz said...

Yippee the stove is fixed!! The ginger bars sound good. I have been working on my craft room. Makes me wonder how I collected so much stuff.

Michelle said...

Glad to hear you have heat back. I am about to start us a fire it's windy and cold here tonight.

Countryheart in the suburbs said...

Love your pics and what you shared. Going thru craft things myself. Wow it's a process! :)

EMMA said...

yum - I love anything with ginger in it!
My craft supplies need organizing too - I must get to it!