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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Frugal and Healthy Soup/Stew

It's the still-needing-a-name-soup/stew.

It turned out more of a stew than a soup.

I did not use any broth or stock either.  

In desperation to clean out my fridge (1/2 can of homemade canned salsa, and 1/2 can of homemade canned, slightly spicy, zucchini relish), I put some things in the crock pot and the family raved over it.

With using the above, I also tossed in:
-carrots, organic
-celery, organic
-green peppers (we froze from the garden last summer) 
-corn (we froze from last summer)
-tomatoes (also from the garden and frozen)
-1 pint of home canned tomato sauce  (also from the garden) 
-some frozen spinach
-some green beans
-about 2 cups of small red beans (previously cooked from dry and frozen)
-dry herbs from the garden (parsley etc), and dehydrated/ground hot peppers from the garden.
-small amount of water (the corn, tomatoes, etc. gave it more liquid as it cooked)
-sea salt and pepper

So far, this was the best ever soup/stew from what ever I had on hand.  The salsa and relish added more veggies and flavor too. 

It was more like "Hobo Stew" only without meat.  The home canned herbed tomato sauce as a base for this was a good choice.  Mmmmm!



caprejan said...

How about Everything Stew, I used to make Everything Cobbler, that's what we called it. It was the same as your stew (emptying whatever) but savoury scones put over the top and baked, The kids loved it.

nancy said...

I've done that too, although I usually add some chicken broth...

Candy C. said...

I always think the best soups and stews are the ones that we make up as we go along! I never thought about using salsa, good idea! :)

nauget bluff said...

It's a Mustgo Stew. Anytime I use up leftovers in the fridge..I call it a Mustgo meal..everything in the fridge must go.

It looks delish.. use salsa in my kale soup..adds a great zing.