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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fall Hike at the Campground Woods ~ Mom Funny

When you have bad allergies, you get tired of being locked up in the house all the time.  I was itching to get out, and so I did.  Although it was the shortest hike in the woods, I still savored it.

My 10 year-old was the only one to join me, and she gathered leaves, as well as myself.

The campground we like to camp at, has many trails for hiking and biking.  

 We each came home with some very colorful fall leaves.  I hope to feel up to collecting more this weekend.  I like to use these for fall house decorations.  They are free, beautiful, and smell wonderful.  When the season is over, we can simply put them back into the garden, or the kids can create pictures with the leaves.

 When we got back home, I took a few photos of the foilage that is about one corn field away from the farm.

 Here it is again, with the corn still up, in front of the trees.

Despite morning frosts, we continue to have fall flowers blooming.

Mom Funny ~  I pulled a quadriceps . . .

Yesterday, before the kids arrived home from school, my son got my attention.  "Hey Mom, come look at this."

I first thought we had another stray outside, but he was at the side door looking down. Behind him was Tiger (the golden tiger cat) with a mouse in his mouth. 

Oh this was a joy.  While we tried to get the mouse out of the house, Tiger was bent on keeping it.  He kept playing with it, and it would run up and down the hall by my bedroom door.  

We grabbed a bucket and tried to get it, but it went under my son's legs and right into my bedroom.  Tiger went after it.  

My son, waiting for the cat to catch the mouse again, took the dogs outside for an outing.  

While he was out, I went in search for Jasper (our other black tiger cat).  I put Jasper under the bed too, but he had no interest, as he could not see the mouse or Tiger, who were both buried under my bed (ugh).

I grabbed the flashlight, bent down on my knees, pulled the bed cover up and moved one box.

BAM!  That beady eyed black beast, flew out from under the bed, and straight at me.   I flew my body up, and out of there in less than a second. 

We eventually caught that little booger, but my leg remains strained.  Oh the joys of getting a mouse in the house, and those little surprises that come with it.

Today it is very chilly inside the house.  My coffee is not staying cold in the mug.  I need to crochet a few of those mug covers, to help keep it warm.  I'm not ready to start burning wood just yet.

Hubby has to work 10 hours again today.  I hope to get some help from the kids, and start pulling out tomato plants.

I don't have a mask (to block out allergens) this season yet, so I am praying the farmer does not take out the corn while we are out there today.

Tea update:  The Edlerberry Immunity blend tea (organic) seems to be doing some work.  It's only been a day and a half, but the kids feel that the lymph node swelling is going down a teeny bit.  It's still very much there, and still painful, but I have faith it will reduce completely.

This tea does wonders on the body.  Be careful though, it works like laxative and also a diuretic, as it flushes the toxins out.   The seawater nasal spray is wonderful.  However, it shoots clear up in there, unlike those spritz nasal sprays from the pharmacy or over the counter.  It really gets up in there to do it's work.   

We also have one dog and one cat that are suffering from bad allergies this season (worse than ever).  Right now, we are trying a granule that is simply placed in our pets mouth and dissolves itself.   It is organic and natural.  If it works, I will post the information. 

We have also switched to a dye free, natural pet food that we buy at the Tractor Supply Store.  It's more expensive, but we care about our pets (I just haven't found an affordable way to make this myself yet).  I won't be buying them pet treats at the store anymore either.  The dogs love the dehydrated treats I made.  They run to the kitchen when they hear the ziploc bag open (no kidding).  I just have to come up with a cat treat now.


Sam I Am...... said...

What beautiful pictures! Sorry about the pulled muscle but I'm like you....I would have been "out of there". I'm not afraid of them but I don't want them "on" me either!!!!
One time we had one in the dishwasher when I opened it and I threw the cat in there and she got it! She was a great mouser that girl! Best one I ever had!
Our leaves are just starting to turn here and we've had early frost warnings already too which is early for here.
Good to see you able to get out a bit especially since it's such a gorgeous time of year. TTYS!

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Your nature hike looks wonderful!
You photos are so pretty too.

Funny story about the cat and mouse. I remember when our cat was first learning to 'mouse'...
here's a tip for you. Try putting the plug in the tub and when your cat brings the mouse to you...or if you ever catch a mouse. Place the mouse and cat in the tub...your cat can play with the mouse and hone his 'mousing' skills all he wants. That is how we trained several cats...I learned this from my mom, she trained our cats this way too. In fact, growing up...We actually had a cat that once he caught a mouse...he'd head straight for the bathroom with it. THAT CAT wouldn't eat them. So we always found limp soggy...deag mice in the tub. He played with them to death.

Our own cat that we taught to mouse...would eat them. So never any mess.
But worked!
Hope your leg heals soon. Pat

nancy said...

I've injured myself doing odd things too, sigh. No mice in the house yet, but we had a big batch in the garage and no the coop. No outdoor cats to take care of that.

For your lymph nodes- if you take both hands, pinkies at the top, along your throat (so all fingers are along the side of your throat) and gently massage up and down quickly, several times a day, it will release some of the swelling. I do that whenever I get a sore throat and it seems to help. I love accupressure!

Candy C. said...

I'm glad you were able to get out and enjoy a little hike. Too bad about your leg but the story is pretty funny! I hope your allergies start getting better soon!!

Steve Finnell said...

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