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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Organic Farm Tour

We just got back from touring Lindsey Graham's Organic Farm.  He 100% grass feeds and pasture feeds his animals.  
Meet "Ruby" the Farm watchdog.  Hazel is around our feet, where you can't see her, and getting some lovin'.

Here are two heritage breed hogs.  These are gilts, and the one in the back is due to give birth soon.

Here, owner Lindsey Graham, shows us around the pasture.  He explained how to properly grass feed the cattle, and move them from one area to another.  Here is shows us a "tractor" used to house the turkeys.  We ordered our Thanksgiving turkey today also.

Here are the cattle, which preferred to remain inside due to the heat today.

Here is a close up of a turkey.  They are being moved from their coop to out in the pasture today, according to the owner.  They look a lot like a meat chicken, but with a longer neck.

Graham Farms/Omega Meats, offered us this free tour, and insists that his customers come out as well.  I went home with 2 lbs. of his bacon.  I can't wait to taste it.  I guess the pork tenderloin is so good, and has the perfect balance of good fat, that I have to be put on a waiting list for a few.  

It was nice for another farmgirl friend to join us in our tour.  We later visited The Ludwig Mill, and General Store.  We sat in rockers on the front porch and cooled off with some Italian ice and ice cream.
The scene from the porch was so relaxing and beautiful.

While leaving, we watched the canal boat pull in.

The canal boat is pulled by mules, alongside on land.

The ride there and back, through the countryside, was also relaxing.  We saw many photo opportunities and actually stopped once to photograph this old barn.

If you look in the center area of the photo, we were greeted by goats, that suddenly appeared after we stopped.


nancypo said...

Great pics! You should make a calendar! Do you have some photos of your home somewhere here? I'd love to see your home, garden, pastures, etc. I want a little farm someday, sigh...

nancypo said...
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Candy C. said...

What a fun day! I bet those silly goats were looking for a handout! LOL!!

Karen said...

Lovely pics. There's just something about getting back to nature and doing it the old fashioned way that really speaks to me. Thanks for sharing......and I'm going to look up the recipe for the confetti muffins while I'm here - my daughter loves to bake!