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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Monday, January 19, 2009

How to Survive When Frozen Water Lines Are Inevitable

Whether your have taken every precaution to avoid frozen pipes, or you are suddenly, unexpectedly facing this problem, you need tips on surviving. My first experience with frozen water lines caused me to realize that I needed a way to flush a toilet. We had never been without running water, or without hot water before. After living without water for one day and hot water for two, we developed this list of tips on getting through it.

1. Listen or watch the weather forecast. When temperatures are said to be below zero, start preparing yourself while you still have running water.

2.Fill your tub with snow if you can. You can utilize this extra water, when it's melted, to flush a toilet.

3.Fill large cooking pans and kettles with faucet water. Fill any buckets and large containers.

4.If your stove has power, you can heat and boil your saved faucet water for cooking, cleaning, and washing hands and faces.

5.Consider your pets. You can use your saved faucet water to feed your pets.

6.Dress in layers. If your water lines are frozen, then you are probably facing a problem in heating your house with drafty windows and doors.

7.Stay in contact with a friend or family member. In the event you need showers/baths for yourself and/or children, you can easily make arrangements with them to do so.

8.Send out prayer requests for thawed pipes.

9.Do all of your laundry while you have the water and the power. You'll be caught up with clean clothes in case you have to go several days without water at all.

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