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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Stocking Up ~ Using Up ~ Prepping Homemade Sausage


I finally got around to make a full batch of meatballs.  I like to get this done before the freezer fills up. One year I barely had room to flash freeze, and made a mess with meatballs stuck to the wire shelf above, ha ha!  

While the meatballs were flash freezing, I shredded up the very last of the picked zucchini.  I made us a batch of the most delicious chocolate zucchini muffins I have ever had.  I found the recipe this year online, and it is a keeper.  Yum!  I uses Einkorn all-purpose flour.

I had two pounds of pork, so I prepped it for homemade sausage with home grown sage.  I let it sit in the fridge overnight before cooking it, so the ingredients can produce good flavor.  I apparently have two different recipes for this, and I added extra seasonings, so this will be interesting.

I saved a few boiled eggs for snacking, and topped some chicken salad with them.  I may add boiled eggs to my chicken salad next time.  I make our chicken salad pretty simple - organic avocado mayo and home canned sweet pickle relish.  I added some hot pepper relish this time as well.

We are in the 80's during the day here, and pretty warm. Are you stocking up or preserving anything right now?


Katie C. said...

That’s funny, it appears that you freeze your meatballs raw. I freeze mine after I bake them. It saves me time when I want to use them. I can pull out a few to make meatball subs in a flash.

Yesterday, I picked some herbs to dry. The Square Foot Gardener says herbs are one of the biggest returns on your gardening investment due to the price you pay for the dried ones in the grocery store. I picked tarragon and thyme. The previous day, I picked some rosemary. I know you dry herbs. I’m just letting them dry on a plate after I cleaned them. Do you think you get better results from your dehydrator? I also have to contend with two extremely nosy house cans.

Tuesday I yanked all but one tomato plant so I could get the stuff out for the yard debris pickup. This weekend, I’m planning to harvest and pull the tomatillos but the weather may not cooperate. Any extras are going to the food bank.

Due to lack of space in good sun, I’m growing radishes, arugula and bok choy in big pots out in front of my house.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Katie, now that you mention that about the meatballs, I guess I got used to doing it that way, so I didn't heat up the kitchen. Hm. I may have to make them later in the season now, and cook them, then freeze. Thanks for pointing that out.

I do dehydrate herbs. It depends on how many you have to dry. I fill my dehydrator one herb at a time. I used to hang dry them when I picked in small quantities.

Leigh said...

It's been a long while since I've frozen meat balls. Interesting discussion about raw or cooked! Good points for both. I'm thinking my next batch can be prepped in cooler weather, so i can pre-cook without the extra heat!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Leigh, same here. We are still in the 80's, but should be cooling down a bit in a few days. We were just talking about turning off the AC soon. But yes, pre-cooking the meatballs would make things much easier for future meals.