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Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Beautiful Weather ~ Breakfast Prep ~ New Salad Recipe Tried

I love these crisp, cool mornings.  I plan to enjoy my morning coffee with the sunrise before starting my day.  The snow will be here before we know it.  We worked on "Chicken Castle" last night, and I slept fantastically.

I'm trying to get as much porch time in as I can, as the weather is absolutely beautiful these past few days.

Yesterday, I got the blueberry Einkorn pancakes made, but I will not be buying the breakfast roll sausage anymore.  I had some in the freezer.  Anyway, the ingredients include "sugar" in the sausage.  I cannot find any sugar free breakfast sausage anywhere here, so I bought more pork to make my own again.  Anyway, I prepped breakfast for my husband.

I slept so good last night, and was not totally awake this morning.  I packed my husband's lunch and coffee, and completely forgot the breakfast!  Urgh.  We are both getting a laugh out of that.


Our pear trees do not have pears this year, so I had to buy a pear for this salad, but the apple came from our trees.  It is a new salad, and looked interesting.  It contains 1/4 cup honey, but that is for the entire salad.

The taste test?  Absolutely delicious.  Potluck worthy.  I typically do not add the links to my posts, but here is the recipe if you are interested.

I used the Greek yogurt option, roasted raw cashews myself (to avoid bad oils), and used juice from a lemon (not bottled juice).  I do suggest the pear be on the firm side, vs. a soft ripe pear.  We really liked it.  If you are avoiding sugar, this does contain the pear and apple and 1/4 cup honey.   I would not make this every week, but we will be enjoying this during apple season.  So good!  We will just balance it with a low-carb dinner.  

We tried rutabaga roasted with carrots and non-gmo/low fat chicken sausage.  Delicious.  I didn't realize it, but carrots are a high-carb vegetable.  I have to remember that when I pair this dinner with a salad.  I may add another vegetable next time, but so good.

Has anyone frozen rutabaga?  If so, what is it good for, after it's been frozen.  Just soups/stews?  What is the texture?   I am wondering if I could use it in place of potatoes in a breakfast dish?  What's the best way to freeze it?  Diced or mashed?  Or both?


Katie C. said...

That salad definitely looks yummy.

I had a similar head smacking moment yesterday. I got up early, showered and got myself to a 9:45 mammogram appointment only to be told my appointment is next week. I had the date written on the calendar and on the top of the work order but I was mentally in the wrong week.

Oh, well. Today is yard word day to try and clean up some of the spent summer stuff.

-Katie C.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Katie, I plan to pull more garden plants after this coming rain we are to get. I think the hot peppers are done for the season. Sorry to hear about your mess up with your appt. Sounds like my day ha ha!

Aritha Vermeulen said...

Thawed rutabaga can be used in soups, stews, casseroles, purees, and as a side dish for meat dishes.

Texture: Rutabaga retains its firm texture after freezing and thawing, making it a good choice for various recipes.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Aritha, thank you so much. I have never frozen rutabaga before. I will adding some to the freezer for winter now.