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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Sunday, March 26, 2023

What started with just removing the carpet project.......

 Saturday was a challenge.  We had to drive one hour to get some supplies that were sold out in stores near us.  The weather was an issue. It was cold and the wind was recorded up to 74 mph in the area.  Power went out in many cities nearby, but thankfully not ours.

Hauling supplies in the back of a truck was not fun.  When we got home, the trim had been blown downward and was almost out of the bed of the truck.  We got it home and in the garage thankfully.  Yes, it was tightly strapped in, but like I said, high wind warning.

One ceiling fan is down, and not because we wanted it down.  You can see the original wall paint color of "country white."  Ceiling is painted.

New paint color for the walls.  We put 3 paint samples up to figure this out, and we did not go back to Home Depot.  We went to a local store, where we could get a more professional assistance on getting the right color.  The problem with Home Depot etc. is that they are constantly hiring people, and they have no knowledge to help correctly.  Anyway....

It's sort of difficult to show the wall paint color, but it is a gray.  One ceiling fan is completely down, so the light is not great in there for now.  Whoever installed the ceiling fans installed them incorrectly.  You should be able to remove the screws to pull the ceiling portion down to paint, and they installed them, so when you unscrew the very top, the entire fan comes down.  

One wall in the bedroom contains the walk-in closet.  The builders installed the door to it, dead center of the long wall.  It prevents us from putting the bed anywhere but one wall, because the bathroom in there is built in one corner of the room.  Yeah, it's been fun.

Guess who wants to cut a new door to the very side, so we can move furniture in a better layout?  Yep.  My husband.  The closet is FULL of the dismantled bed and other stuff from the bedroom, so that has to come out in order to do that.  Talk about stressed and overwhelmed right now.  In order to set the bed back up, we have to finish moving the closet door, and install trim.  Updates on that later. 

Meanwhile, I'm trying to set up a brooder, but have yet to find the pullets I want.  The eggs are over flowing due to take out and less home cooking.  I guess that needs to start again.

I'm thankful for the "little" things right now.  I'm thankful for the homemade lip balm I keep in my purse, because I cannot access mine, that I keep in my bedroom night stand.  

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