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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Thursday, October 6, 2022

Refreshing the Flower Beds


It was high time to refresh the flower beds, however I am not done.  We are talking about possibly adding more mums, as some of ours have died over the years.  I just depends on if I can get them all looking spiffy.  The mowing is being done today, so I can't exactly do any weeding, but they do look much better.

We had a beautiful 70 degree day yesterday, but boy did that weather wake up the stink bugs, bees and wasps.

I was so excited to find a craft show in November, only to decide it won't happen.  Instead of the usual $20 a table and $10 for a second one, they want a whopping $30 per table this year.  As of now, it won't happen this year. Paying $60 to participate is outrageous.  I don't have high priced items, and even if I did, they would not sell.  

Gas prices are soaring as well.  Everyone is selling and no one is buying, so there is that too.

I hate mowing days.  It puts me out of outdoor work, putting anything on the clothesline, so hopefully we are nearing the end of mowing season.


Faith said...

I would like very much to make things to sell, whether it be designs or finished projects. My items don't sell, and neither do my patterns. I go back and forth trying to decide whether I want to continue with it, or just go back to making things for my home. I suppose what I make might have appealed to a different generation, and for the most part they were making their own. Lots of Amigurumi out now, the market I think is saturated. It's a different time, and the consumer wants different things. I make what appeals to me. That is quite an expense for a table, you would have to sell alot of items to cover and make a small profit.

Leigh said...

It always amazes me when places that don't seem affected by rising prices raise their prices anyway. That bugs me about thrift shops. For craft shows, there's a lot of cost to count, to make it worth your while.

Oh, and you're flowers are beautiful!

Lisa K Thomasson Jung said...

Your flowers are lovely . I was just shopping for fall bulbs to add to my memory garden . I am doing less beds more pots and bulbs.

Kristina said...

Faith, I did the same show in 2019 and made about $40.00. They put me at the end of a hallway and no customers came all the way down the hall. I had planned to do only this show, and request being up front, but it is way over priced.

Kristina said...

Leigh, the thing that boggles me, is it will be in a mall with lots of space, and the money for the tables is going to a charity, so why price them so high? They'd get more vendors if they lowered it. I have my own tables and chairs too.

Kristina said...

Lisa, I have to use pots for tulips now. I've tried to deter the moles, but they are terrible this year.

And thank you all for the compliments on the flowers.