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Tuesday, March 31, 2020


....and just like that (snap!) my tidy quiet house went to noisy, chaotic nerve ending mess.  Once the dogs wore each other out, it was finally quiet again.

Due to complicated events, and work schedule not all of our daughter's belongings have been moved.  What a mess. Sigh.

We need to find her an apt. like yesterday, for my peace of mind.  It'll be tough considering the pandemic, and the number of animals she has.  

Keep us in your prayers.  I'm so stressed with anxiety right now.  I found my 18 year-old in my closet doing homework, but when I walked in, she was sobbing.  Her peaceful space upstairs has been disrupted for now, and he's having trouble accepting it temporarily.  We all are, but to have our 20 year-old here is the only thing we can do to help her.  We are all trying our best to think positively about it all.  First, finding her a car....not sure how that's gonna happen.

On a good note....

Dinner last night.  Biscuits and sausage gravy, eggs, fried potatoes and "fried" apples (using a crock pot).  It was so good. Note:  the photo of my original post/recipe looks like I was a bad baker.  The post here shows what a better baker I've become making them.

Now, I need to find homemade masks today.  With the help of social media/daughter, we'll find 4 for us.  Two work.  One has a mask, one doesn't.  We have to shop inside stores for toiletries and disinfectant.  People are still hoarding, so it may require more than one store.  Last I heard, 39 dead in our state, but not one media is sharing how many are surviving.  

Our state Governor stated yesterday that they are working on modifications to the order to stay home.  I'm guessing more closings.  There are churches still holding services when they shouldn't be.  I hate watching the TV at 2pm anymore.  They are warning elderly to not leave their homes for anything over the next two weeks.  My Mom and Dad have been locked in for more than 5 weeks now.  My younger brother now is the only one left to seek their needs. 


wyomingheart said...

Just a thought on the daughter, would it be possible to find a cheap camper trailer and have her move into it? Gives her space, and gives you peace. Just a thought. Hope you have a better day!

Kristina said...

wyomingheart, I though of the same thing. In desperation, we can put up our pop up if the weather is nice too.

Debby Flowers said...

Check with your state's department of health website for numbers. Ours in MN is very good and updates daily with total cases, how many hospitalizations, how many ICU, age ranges, etc. They have a county map too with numbers. I would think your state would have that too.

mamasmercantile said...

Such troubling times. On a more positive note those biscuits look delicious and the amazing meal tempting me and making me hungry. Take care and stay safe.

Kristina said...

Thanks Debby

Kristina said...

Thanks mamasmercantile

RB said...

I've only been able to find masks on Ebay, but they're usually the cheap kind that comes from China, but you may find some N95 or N99 ones there, and they cheap ones may be better than nothing. Just be sure they're being shipped from North America, or it'll take 5-8 weeks to get here, and that's too long right now.
For chemicals, medical needs, etc., I've had good luck at Dollar Tree. Thing is, you have to get there right when they open, cause well... people are acting nuts.
Make sure to shop with rubber gloves and wipe down everything you buy with sanitary wipes BEFORE you bring them in the house. You can make them homemade by buying either baby wipes or lady wipes (wink, wink) and adding either alcohol (hard to find) or Clorox to them. The recipe (or exact amount to add for that) is online.
Cleaning the car after may or may not be necessary. The store bags may be ok if the cashier was wearing rubber gloves and if you took yours off BEFORE you got into the car. If not, wipe down the inside of your car with antibacterial soap and water too. Lysol is hard to find right now, but you can often find bleach right now if you look carefully.
And remember, Dial soap is antibacterial, has been for years, so right now, it's your best bet for hand washing if you can't find antibacterial soap.
Staying in, regardless of the amount of time, is the best thing your parents can do right now, cause even if they're careful, someone else might not be.
These are just a few of the things we learned going to Walmart on Monday. Bro Tom works at a grocery store and cooking at an assisted living home so he's on high alert right now, cause he doesn't want to bring anything home to me.
You can share this if you want.
Lord God, Thank you for helping us out of this mess we're in, in Christ Jesus name. AMEN!!!
Love you.
God bless.

Kristina said...

Thanks RB. All great tips. I found someone who is making masks for $7, but our daughter who is working cannot have any pattern on hers (to me this is dumb considering how hard is is to find them). I can't make them as all stores are sold out of elastic, but I can get hair bands in a pinch too. I have contacted the person and she can make me one in black. What a mess this world is in, but I continue to pray.