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Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Friday, March 11, 2016

March "Dishcloth of the Month"

I have a feeling that these "dishcloths of the month" will be put into a box for when the first kid gets their first house.  A set of them would make a nice house warming gift.

Today's a short post.  I spent the entire day purging clothes in my closet.  I literally tossed every single thing out, and went through each piece of clothing at a time.  I'll admit, some of my older garden shirts turned into rags.

Youngest is back home sick today.  I had a bad feeling she should have stayed home yesterday.  

I stole a few moments on the porch, in the rain, with a big bowl of popcorn.  Barn kitty Aurora joined me.  

I hope to get some rest and peace of mind this weekend.  Have a nice weekend! 



Mama Pea said...

I suppose it was a given that your sick daughter was pushing it to go back to school as soon as she did. But I remember how "out of the loop" I felt when I was home sick in high school. Matter of fact, I still have dreams of being absent from school and having to catch up. (How's that for being well-adjusted? NOT!)

Keep taking care of yourself while you know those bad germies are still circulating in your house!

Your (sometimes short, but so worth it) times on your semi-protected porch make me wish we had one like that. Fresh, warm air would feel so good right now.

Kim said...

I hope the sick begins to heal. And you can finally get a breath and time to relax. The dishcloth is cute.

Rain said...

That dishcloth is so cute. I stole some moments outside today too, though it's sunny and just above freezing. My bf and I took out the deck chairs and plopped them into the 3 foot high snow in the sun and hung out with the dogs. We didn't even need our jackets today, though the snow makes the tootsies still a little cold!

RB said...

The dishcloth is adorable and so appropriate for March too.
I pray your youngest is well soon. Bad to go out and about when not totally well yet. Relapses are dangerous and a weakened immune system can introduce other illnesses too, but I'm sure you know that.
God bless.

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

cute dishcloth...
I should totally get behind short posts...maybe I wouldn't be out so long...and so wordy when I get back?!
Sorry to hear you've got sick ones. We had a slew of grandkids sick for almost 2 weeks. They had Fifth's disease! Yikes... not a good time.
hope you have a great week Kristina.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mama Pea, I think the kids feel so overwhelmed with their makeup homework. I could not get one teacher to send her assignments to the office to pick up either.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thanks Kim.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Rain, we are having no jacket weather here now too.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

RB, she seemed to get much rest this past weekend. She feels much better.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Patricia, I have been in that situation with real young ones. When they were very young, I had to work full time and they got sick a lot in day care (until my Dad started to babysit for me).