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Monday, February 15, 2016

Good and Bad

A few have asked how I like the norwex cleaning cloths.  Well, first of all I do over analyze, so....

Do I like them?  Well.

I still have to wet them to use them, just as I would use a spray bottle of vinegar/water solution.

I still have to use the same elbow movement to clean the area with.

The con for me is, that I have two, and using a washer load to wash two is a waste of water and electricity.  I do not have a "smart" cycle to reduce the water used.

I have to wash them in the sink, and once they are dirty, I have to wait until they dry to continue using them.

Would I buy them?

No.  They cost $17.00 each.  

I do have to buy vinegar, so I can't really say if these cloths would save me that amount over a year's time.  I mean, I buy a large jug and mix 50/50 so it last a long time.  I still wash the rags (100% cotton) as I would be washing the cloths.

I'm a frugal, sensible gal, and if I have to go the extra step to hand wash, then no.  And, do they really sanitize?  Disinfect?  Does the silver leach out into the water?  I did find an article that stated once the cloth starts to break down, it will leach it into the water.

I do see the glass and stainless steel surfaces streak free after cleaning, but that's about the one bonus I do see.  I do not have any other stainless steel appliances, other than my dehydrator and toaster.

I can also clean surfaces with hydrogen peroxide mix, or even rubbing alcohol (homemade wipes) to kill bad bacteria etc.  Even bleach when needed.  This company boasts that it saves you so much money on supplies to get the same job done.

I did surf the internet for information on "does this cloth really kill germs" and found more people who found their facts sketchy.  You can do the same article searching for yourself if you are looking to buy these as well.   And if you are like me and have doubts about if they sanitize and disinfect.

I'll share one link I found:  Silver in Microfiber....5 things you should know

It talks about the germs and answers "does the cloth sanitize" the surface you are cleaning.  In fact, the more I searched the internet on these cloths, the more doubts people had and the more questions had popped up.  

One article stated that these cloths are made from non-biodegradable sources.  So, would you believe their claims?    There are so many articles (with so many ads on their pages so I am not linking them), but I do suggest if you plan to buy these, to do your reading first.

I'm not sure what to believeI can say in my own opinion, that if I cannot find adequate sources and facts that prove that these cloths completely disinfect the surface, or are environmentally safe, I will be sticking with my own homemade cleaners. 



Kim said...

Thanks for the update. I clean windows and mirrors with a micro fiber cloth and water and a dry cloth in the other hand. Streak free every time. Just sayin', I am with you on the cost part.

Mama Pea said...

I admire the way you do your research, Kristina.

I have no knowledge of the norwex cloths but admit I tend to stay away from all the "new" gimmicks and gadgets. Common sense cleanliness and elbow grease, not letting messes build up, and not using any products that might harm the environment is my motto. Using all your natural cleaners and disinfectants makes you far ahead of most of the rest of us, I think.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Kim, I really suggest people to do research on them before buying.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mama Pea, I am just not convinced with these disinfecting. And if they are safe to use etc. And, the only information I could find as to where they are made, is China. Just a lot of sketchy info.

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

I have seen them around... I am skeptical by nature. So... I'm not surprised of your findings (...or rather, not findings)
I for one appreciate your openness and honesty!
I'm with you... I believe in my homemade cleansers to do the job. Vinegar has been around for centuries. Taken in regular doses and used properly around the house seems to do the trick for us.
A little Elbow grease never hurt either. ;)

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Patricia, I hope I didn't offend anyone with my post, but I'm just not convinced. Something else I thought of - if my puppies got a hold of the cloth and ate it would it hurt them? They are like toddlers, so it's possible for them to eat one if it was tempting them. That also bothers me.

Susan said...

I am always skeptical with "miracle" cleaning aids. The best, in my opinion, are homemade and backed up with elbow grease.

RB said...

I agree. There's little bleach or vinegar or alcohol or peroxide or baking soda won't clean, and they're ~almost~ as cheap as rain. I also use Pine Glo in the house cause I like the scent it leaves after.
I'd say my biggest cleaning extravagance has to be Bounty paper towels, and I choose them because with just one, I can clean all the appliances and counters in my kitchen, and another for the bathroom. Then I toss them in the bin to be burned, and the germs and dirt are all gone. Other than that, we use old rags which are generally unmatched cotton socks (great for checking your vehicle's oil) and old kitchen towels that got holey.
And ya know what, all this worked well for our Grannies. So why not for us?
God bless.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

I agree Susan

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

RB, I have to use a good quality paper towel to make my homemade wipes too. I cut all my kitchen towels in half when they are so holey they become rags. That way the kids know when they are folding towels, which are rags and which are still being used.

RB said...

I work in a grocery store part-time. I know you're not going to believe this but it's true. Not too long ago, a young lady came and asked us which aisle the elbow grease was on, that someone had told her she needed to use it to clean something. Honest!
We turned her over to the store manager. I don't know what he told her.
God bless.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

RB, oh my that is funny.