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Wear it out,
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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Alias ~ Life on the Homestead

This is Alias's favorite spot to sleep and relax.  You can find him here most of the day and night.

He's less anxious now, and starting to get the commands for "potty" walks.  He's developing a way to signal us when he needs to go out too.

He's been a bit naughty, so we will be teaching him that food on the table is off limits.  He appears as if he wasn't fed often enough, so once he realizes that he won't be deprived of food and water, he'll relax a bit more.

He loves to play with any type of ball, but we need to find one that cannot be destroyed.  He chews them up in minutes, including baseballs.

The other dogs have their limits with Alias, and they are getting along by showing each other who is the boss around here.  I once saw Sadie and Alias both drinking from the water bowl at the same time.  

Mattie, our 14 year-old cat, walks right by Alias.  She could careless.  Tiger and Jasper however, are still overwhelmed by the new member.  Their tails are often seen looking twice their size, eyeballs twice their size, and heads popping up over furniture surveying the room for the "intruder."  I had to laugh when I saw Tiger pop his head up, alongside my bed, to make sure he could claim his nightly spot without any trouble.

However, just the other day, two of us watched Alias and Tiger go nose to nose, sniffing each other.  It was an awesome moment.  They checked each other out, and then simply walked away.  No growling, no hissing, no swatting of any sort.   

We really stirred up the conversations at school, by adopting this handsome dog.  The word "pit bull" has caused so many arguments too - "he'll eat your cats" and so many other claims.  Just so the world knows, a recent documentary reported that the dog that has the history of biting people (on record so far) the most, was a golden retriever.   

Alias sure has a lot of energy for being an older dog.  When he's playing with a ball, he acts like a puppy.  And as far as adopting an older dog is concerned, every dog gets old.  We get old.  Puppies will get old.  Even younger dogs can have high medical costs.  

Anyway. . . .

We simply had an "empty" spot on our farm, and will selectively filled it.  We pray that he'll enjoy his life with us, as well as us with him.


Mama Pea said...

Really glad to hear things are going well with Alias. Sure do admire you for taking on the extra work involved with incorporating him into your family. (Although when you think about it, getting and training a puppy is one heckuva lot of work, too!)

Candy C. said...

What a sweet looking dog he is! I went back and read the prior post, good for you guys for adopting him!
We sure do love our new pound puppy Red. He is six and has settled in here like he has always lived with us. They sure do work their way into our hearts don't they? :)

EMMA said...

He must feel so safe and loved!

Unknown said...

Cute little guy, looks like a baby all snuggled up :)

RB said...

What a wonderful blessing, for both Alias and your family.

God bless.