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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Camping Funnies ~ First Day of School

I have to share the funniest thing that happened on our camping trip.  It was the first morning there.  I got up about 6:30am and asked if anyone needed to visit the toilets.  My 10 year-old said she did.

I exited the camper.  As soon as my daughter stepped off the camper step, the camper fell backwards, and the front end was up in the air.

We first screamed in shock, then tried to hold our laughter and not pee our pants.  I whispered to my daughter, "we gotta go, I can't stay and help him (laughing hysterically)." Hubby and my 13 year-old were in the back bed. 

Very calmly we hear my husband's voice from the camper, "uh, I think someone forgot to put the jacks in."

More laughter.

Ha ha ha ha!  The back bumper was catching the back end, but we were lucky.  While we were at the toilets, not far from the camper, we watched it slowly go back down, as my hubby walked forward to straighten the camper again. 

Once we got it all set again, with the jacks in place, hubby said, "honey you can't get out of the camper before I do anymore." 

We laughed the entire weekend about it, and I think we woke the entire campground up that morning.  I still can't tell anyone the story without cracking up laughing. 

So funny.

Another funny story.  On the last night at the campground, I had walked to the toilets with my 13 year-old.  It was pitch dark and we had not taken a flash light.  We were walking back, and my husband and 10 year-old jumped out of the trees and scared the livin' day lights out of us.  Once again, we laughed the entire night.  I'm sure the rest of the campground was ready for us to leave at that point. Ha ha ha ha!


Today was the first day of public school.  Yesterday was the first day of college for my son.  It's kind of a strange day here today.  All of my kids are on one bus this year.  Even so, my youngest still let me give her kisses this morning.

I better get out to the garden and see what last night's rain gave us.  It's back to work for me today.  Just the thought of canning anything more, makes me want to hook up that camper and head to the hills today.  Ha ha ha ha!


simplicityinthemaking said...

Schooling doesn't start here until the second week in September. My kids are homeschooled with the exception of the 4 year old. She will be bussed as well. I always have mixted emotions about them starting school. That is funny about the camper falling over.

Unknown said...

Love the funny stories, great memories. Boy our school started back the first Monday in August. Hope the kids have a great year! Blessings

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

ha ha ha...Kristina, that is a funny story. I have had a good chuckle reading it! Thanks.
I really laughed at your husbands comment about the jacks...
'someone' meaning Him!

sooo funny, Pat

Michelle said...

I love when things like that happen. It makes for great memoirs. I can understand about getting tired of canning. I am so there.

Candy C. said...

Oh no, we had that same thing happen with our little tent camper many years ago! Everyone really got a kick out of it!
Enjoy your "quiet" time with everyone back to school! ;-)