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Monday, December 12, 2011

And Even More ~ Handmade Christmas Ornaments ~ A Tour of Years of Ornament Making

Recycled Christmas Cards with crocheted edges.

 I found these small cowboy hats at a store called Hobby Lobby.  I'm not sure if you can buy them there anymore.  For these I glued tiny red and green plastic gems around the hat, tied on red string. and created a hanger.  

 The Policeman Snowmen I was talking about in another post.  I simply purchased scrapbooking stickers to embellish these fun guys. 

A spider created from wire, beads and black pom poms.

 A teddy bear wine cork ornament.  Only one was made.  These were more difficult to make than the wine cork horses.

 Made with a Christmas tree light bulb, a hole pierced through the top and brown chenille stem for antlers.  The eyes and nose are simply glued on.

This is one of my "one of a kind" ornaments.  I made it using a recycled medicine cup, felt, belt buckle parts (top metal piece and bottom, felt, a tiny bird, and a recycled bead.

Shimmering fruit created from small plastic fruits bought at a dollar store and covered with glitter.  I store these in an old egg carton to keep the glitter from getting on other ornaments.

I made these using a pattern that came in an old magazine.  They are made from styrofoam discs painted (the beard is made using a textured snow/glue) and a painted tongue depressor.

Recycled CD's glued back to back, edged with a string of beads, and embellished with plastic gems.  

There are more to share.....


Carolyn said...

Thanks again for the inspiration!!

Unknown said...

The DIY Wine Cork Teddy Bear Ornament is so cute. Featured you on Homemade Wine Cork Crafts