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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Monday, January 17, 2011

Embroidery ~ Relaxing and Fun

I am reading the diaries from pioneer women who crossed the U.S. in the 1800's and it's been interesting and amazing.  Many women took extra needles and thread with them and traded with Indians for food.  Embroidery work, on hankies and other items were also given as gifts.  In my quest to embroider, learn more, and improve my skills, I have completed several projects.  Here are photos of my progress so far:

Here is my first embroidery sampler (posted before)

Here is a pattern I embroidered on a bread cloth, and the other was a store purchased pattern that I placed into a thrift store frame.  The bread cloth will be duplicated this summer for gift giving.

Here is a set of cloth, kitchen napkins.

This is my most recent project.  It is a pattern I traced onto a hankie, and sewed scrap beads to each corner.   I found this project, and printable pattern on-line.  Visit Martha Stewart's Web site, for the instructions and the patterns.  These are drink covers, and are fun gifts to make.  You could even embroider initials for an wedding party that is having an outdoor reception.  These are nice to have during summer, to cover a pitcher of iced tea or lemonade also.

I have started embroidering pillow cases for the kids hope chests, and have aprons to finish.  Towels are on the list as well.

I need to spend as much time writing as I do with my embroidery - ha ha ha! 


Unknown said...

I love your sampler! Did you design that yourself?

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

No, this is not my pattern. If you click on the highlighted "Martha Stewart's Web site" you will be taken to her site, with the free printable pattern. Down the road, I may design my own. I started making these way before I found MJF.

Unknown said...

Thanks. Yes, I was doing a lot of this stuff before MJF was invented too :) "I don't need no stinkin badges", ha....

Unknown said...

Thanks. Yes, I was doing a lot of this stuff before MJF was invented too :) "I don't need no stinkin badges", ha....

Unknown said...

Sorry to ask again- I clicked on the link and couldn't find the sampler. Do you remember what it was called? I searched the index, and browsed thru various embroidery and template sections. Thanks for the help...

EMMA said...

Hi, your embroidery is beautiful.
Can you give me the name of the book you were (back in january) reading please.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Hi Emma, the books are a series that I got at the library. The first one is: Covered Wagon Women, Volume 1: Diaries and Letters from the Western Trails, 1840-1849 by Kenneth L. Holmes and Anne M. Butler. If you look that up at amazon you can see all of the titles in the series.