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Friday, October 2, 2015

Brrrr! ~ Tidbits

Where did "Fall" go?  It went from summer straight to too cold.  Brr!  Hot chocolate weather is here now.

Yesterday flew by quickly, and I didn't get much done as planned.  Unfortunately, a senior at the school our kids attend, was killed in a tragic car accident.  Upon the start of school, the student was announced missing, and his car located in a ditch.  After school started, they located his body.  I had to go pick up one daughter, who was very emotional.  When I got there, the entire school was in tears, adults, teachers, kids....very emotional day.  Students were not allowed to drive home in the cars they drove to school with.  Parents had to pick them up.  Homecoming dance is postponed.  Just a very sad, emotional day for the his family, school and local community.
This doesn't surprise, but walking Jesse I discovered someone has been on the back of our property.  Again.

There are several of these wooden stakes. There is no way he/they can see the accurate property line with all the leaves on the trees in the woods.  Even after the leaves are off our line goes through some trees, and it difficult to navigate.  Just another head shaker, because the same person came onto our property in early 2014 and did the same thing, spray painting the ground, putting in stakes, and spray painting bushes, trees, and pasture - all to claim as "his" property (which is in his mother's name), and without a professional survey.  This is the same person, who in the beginning, told us he'd spread hog manure all around our property, when Hubby asked if he got a permit.

Once again, I found our solar lights at each back corner, with the charging panels pushed down.  Looks like we need cameras out there now.  

I also found an access that is the width of a 4-wheeler that goes onto our property in another area.  Photographed, documented, etc. 

It's looking pretty cold out today, but I'm looking forward to getting some handiwork time in.  If it rains that is.


Mama Pea said...

It makes me so sad and angry to know you have to continually go through this anguish because of your bad neighbors. And, again, it just doesn't make any sense that law enforcement doesn't do their job and step in on this bad, bad situation.

Saying a prayer for the family and friends of the boy who lost his life yesterday. We had a similar situation happen when my daughter was in high school. It was very, very hard for the kids to understand and process.

Kim said...

I am so sorry that this is continuing. And very sorry for the trauma and the loss of life. Prayers going up for the family and all the young people trying to makes sense out of something that doesn't.

Kristina said...

Mama Pea, we are tired of it too. I should not have to deal with a neighbor first thing in the morning. Or ever. He has no respect. Thank you for prayers for the boy's family.

Kristina said...

Kim, thank you too, for all your prayers for the family who lost a son.

Lilac Cottage Homestead said...

Wow!! Very Sad!! I will be praying!!! God bless


Kristina said...

Thank you Lilac Cottage

Sam I Am...... said...

Oh, so sad and just starting his life. I have a neighbor that has done the same on my property and i almost got on eof his 'wires' caught in my mower blade but I spotted it before I ran over it. I've seen he and his wife sneaking around the back of my property and I'm just a city lot and they live across the street! Some people have nothing better to do with there time evidently. My prayers are with the families, students and teachers of so many tragedies this past week.

RB said...

So sorry to hear about the teen killed in the accident. That's something that will stick with the other students for a very long time. Prayers for all grieving for him now, especially his family.
Sounds like it's time for some cameras, a fence and a lawyer. Plus, if you have a professional survey, I'd get a copy made, register it at the County Clerk's office and have your lawyer send a copy to this guy's mother registered mail. If you don't have one, then it'll cost, but I'd recommend you get one as soon as you can and do what I suggested above because in some states, a person can lay claim to land simply by ingressing into it for a period of time without the actual land owner advising them to move, and you don't want that to happen.
We're still pretty water-logged down here. Everything that was once at the top of the hill is at the bottom, but the rain has also brought a silence in the neighborhood that is very enjoyable and restful too.
Prayers for everyone to have a good week ahead.
God bless.

Kristina said...

RB, we did have a professional survey done last year. Thank you for all your advice.

Kristina said...

Sam I am, so glad you didn't run over that wire. Some people just are good neighbors or law-abiding citizens.