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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Flowers ~ Hubby and a Glucose Meter

This year I bought about 4 Portuluca plants.  They love the heat, and they are doing great in the pots I planted them in. 

I planted one in this hanging pot on the side of the house.  And in support of my two military-kids-in-training, I planted a red, white and purple petunia in the basket too.

Now, since Carolyn at Krazo Acres dared us all to blog once a day for June, you get to hear another story about Hubby.  So grab a cup of your favorite beverage and sit for a few minutes.

At Hubby's work, he has to go through continuous testing to be a volunteer fireman (at work).  One test is checking his sugar levels.

His test came back higher than he expected.  Now both of us have fallen off the exercise regimen due to garden work.  That alone should be daily exercise, but evidently we need more.

In panic mode, he calls me and tells me to pick him up a glucose meter so he can monitor his levels.  He was certain that the test his work place used was incorrect.

So, like a dummy, I buy him the glucose monitoring system.  I bought him 50 test strips, but later realized I should have bought the box of 100.

Last night, he races home and gets the test kit out.  It took him 5 test strips to figure it out.  The lancets don't really poke that deep, and he wasn't getting enough blood on the strip.

So, after 5 pokes, he gets his number.  It wasn't too bad really.  Then he proceeds to poke my finger.  Not once, but 4 times!  Not enough blood.  Hmpf.

Satisfied, he went and ate dinner.  Then he checked it again.

This morning, when school is out and I could sleep in just a hair longer than usual, I was woken up by Hubby.  Again, poking me 3 times to get enough blood.  Satisfied with test results, he left for work.  Mine was lower than his, and not too bad, but could be lower.

I'm thinking he'll need a huge packet of lancets this month.  He's like a going bananas with this test kit.  

So, tonight I am making a dinner with a new ingredient.  One that will lower blood sugar levels.  Stay tuned for tomorrow's post to see if it tasted good, and to see the new ingredient (something we have never tried before).

I am thankful for a cooler morning here today.  Again, no rain.  The garden could really use it.  I'll probably be mucking chicken coops today.

So what are you up to today?


Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I've been down that road before.
Isn't there a setting on the lancet for depth? Some, have a little dial you can turn to help with that. Otherwise-- you guys are tough skinned! (but we sort of knew that with all that y'all go through at times) :)
New ingredient, you say...I'm guessing is it Cinnamon, you might be adding to a dish? I understand that to help lower, in fact, I like it in my coffee.
Uck! Chicken coop... I need to do that before it gets really hot! Truth told, I should have done it already.
We just turned the A/C on yesterday-- so the thermometer is already creeping up there.
see you tomorrow--

Susan said...

I love your planters by the door - what a lovely way to show off your flowers! Sometimes, too much info can be a bad thing. A kid at work found a tick on his leg over the weekend and was going to go to the emergency room! I had to talk him down off the ledge, LOL.

Kelly said...

I love your goat cart planter, it's soo cute!!!!
I wouldn't want to test my blood sugar, sometimes it gets low and I feel like crap. I don't eat very much in the Summer and work outside ALOT. I've lost 3 pounds in the last three days :/

Mama Pea said...

Your husband woke you up by sticking your finger to test your blood sugar?? (In some marriages that could be grounds for divorce!) Boy, when he gets on a health kick, he really goes for it.

Your flowers all look lovely. I think perhaps we appreciate them more when our climate can't support them year round. We kinda need the "barren" winter months to appreciate the contrast with glorious summer time.

Nancy po said...

When mine was starting to edge up I increased my protein, lowered my carbs, and ate protein (all of it) first thing every meal. Worked great!!! Keeps your blood sugar more stable thru the day...

Liz said...

Oh I haven't planted those in years! I will have to see if the greenhouse still has any. I went through this with my hubby a few years ago when the Dr. thought his blood sugar was to high. Why I had to get stuck to? Mine was fine. Hope you get some rain!

EverStuff Ranch said...

Oh, he would have died in my house if he woke me up to poke me. I'm a true weenie and I would have been complaining for hours about getting stabbed.

Kristina said...

He hasn't poked my finger again yet, but he did corner one daughter and stuck her finger, ha ha! Her level was about near mine. He was up at 5am going walking already.