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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

What's Cookin? ~ From Stash to Trash ~ Peach Bourbon Jam

I was fresh out of white and red potatoes, so this beauty donned the breakfast plate this week - cauliflower/pea and dandelion frittata.

Experiment #2 with the bundt bread:  I made this eggless bundt bread (again) using my homemade yogurt (vs. buttermilk).  However, I didn't see my notes, and forgot to add the cinnamon/nutmeg.  It was still good, and the texture good.  I used two cups whole wheat einkorn and one (white organic) all-purpose.  I plan on experimenting one more time this week.

I made a new recipe - Almond-Oat bars.  These were very good (and very healthy), but a mess to make and bake.  As you form the rectangle on the pan to bake them, you have to either oil hands or wet your hands (and even so, it was a mess). The ones on the outside basically crumbled apart.  The family ate all of them, bits and pieces included, but the recipe went into the trash.  I'll stick with my granola bar recipes for now.  I'm glad I baked them, because it made me realize I could develop my own recipe down the road.  

I froze my peaches last summer, and with extra "hands on deck"(school closed due to very heavy fog), I canned.  New in the pantry - peach bourbon jam.  Can't wait to taste it.  I have to tell you though.  I cheated.  Ball has a recipe online for this (also in the canning book I have), but you make it over the stove and you get 6 jars (using a lot of sugar).  I made it in my jam maker, making it reduced sugar, adding less of the candied ginger and 1 ounce of bourbon.  I'll update you when we taste it.   


Sam I Am...... said...

I keep forgetting to make a fritata now that I have my iron skillet that can withstand the high temps....I think that's why I haven't made one? Do you have to cover it? There was some reason why I couldn't make them. So it is going on my list now! Thanks for the reminder. Yes, some recipes just aren't worth the trouble but they do look good. What is a jam maker? I never heard of it or knew it've got my attention! LOL! Bourbon peach jam sounds wonderful! Have a great day. We had storms last night (nothing severe just lots of nice rain) and there's more today....cozy weather but I'll have to hang my clothes in the basement.

Susan said...

I want to have breakfast at your house!

Kristina said...

Sam I Am, I do not cover my skillet for baking frittatas. I use a temperature of 375°F and check it at about 20 minutes (and bake longer if needed). Ball created an appliance that makes jam for you. Simply follow instructions, hit jam or jelly button, cover and cook. Then can or freeze. If you google for Ball Freshtech automatic jam and jelly maker, you see it. It's electric and runs about $80-90.00. I bought one a few years ago. It makes small batch jams or jelly to fill 4 half pint jars.

Kristina said...

Susan, on the weekends, Hubby makes me omelets or burritos, and we have one daughter who likes to make pancakes.

Rain said...

Hi Kristina :) Your frittata looks great! I have to dive in to making them, I do have a recipe, it's a challenge though because I can't eat yolks and Alex loves I'll make two I guess :) I'm eager to hear about your jam...peach and bourbon sound like such a wonderful mix, kind of like Southern Comfort spread on toast! :)

Kristina said...

Thanks Rain, I love the frittatas simply because it's one pan.

RB said...

It all sounds so yummy, especially the peach bourbon jam, and hey - if it doesn't taste good as a jam, put a couple of tablespoons in a glass, add 7up and ice, and drink down. YUM!!! LOL
God bless.

Kristina said...

RB, thanks for that tip.